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Sponsored by: Chiltern Railways Review: Jaguar F-Pace

Chiltern Railways still best in class for right time punctuality

By Suzy Rigg Senior Communications Manager

Chiltern Railways remains top franchised rail operator for right time train punctuality, according to the latest research released by Network Rail. The official right time rail

industry figures, which are based on the percentage of services that arrive within a minute of their scheduled time, revealed that 83.5% of Chiltern Railways trains were on time against a national average of 64.4%, placing the train operator miles ahead of companies such as Virgin Trains and London Midland.

‘It’s been a busy year but we remain committed to providing our customers with a punctual and reliable service’

This comes during the year where the train company extended their network and opened up a new line between Oxford Parkway and London Marylebone. Dave Penney, Managing

Director of Chiltern Railways said: “It’s been a busy year but we remain committed to providing our customers with a punctual and reliable service. I’m going to be working hard to continue to improve our performance and give our customers what they want; a fast, flexible and reliable travel experience.” Chiltern Railways runs fast

and frequent trains between the West Midlands and London Marylebone and Oxford Parkway and London Marylebone, with a new line to Oxford opening in December 2016.

For more information and to view the new performance data, visit: /performance/

52 CHAMBERLINK July/August 2016

Fasting-selling Jaguar brings boost to Solihull

By Sue Cooke

JLR became the UK’s largest auto manufacturer in the UK in 2015 and is the biggest investor in auto research and development, spending £12billion in the last five years. Most of that investment goes into its Midlands sites at Solihull, Castle Bromwich, Wolverhampton, Warwick, Whitley and Gaydon. The company saw record-

Facts at a glance Model: Jaguar F-Pace R-Sport Price: £40,360 otr

Engine: 2 litre diesel 180PS all-wheel drive automatic

Performance: 0-60mph in 8.2 seconds and on to a top speed of 129 mph

CO2 emissions: 139 g/km

breaking sales of 9,095 in April, which is up a quarter (25%) year- on-year. That success has been driven by the XE, the all-new XF, and the new medium-sized crossover, the F-Pace The F-Pace is the ultimate practical Jaguar sports car with a range of abilities on and off-road.

‘Creating jobs in Solihull, the F-Pace will be built at Lode Lane on the same line as that previously used for the Defender’

I was one of the first motoring journalists lucky enough to be invited to the launch of the F-Pace and after 20 years of reviewing new cars, I have to say it is the best looking, fastest SUV with 50/50 weight distribution which contributes to its great handling. Dave Baker, product manager for Jaguar UK, told me

that the F-Pace is the lightest car in its class and 130kg less than the competition, the Porsche Macan. With its technological marvels and competitive pricing, the F-Pace is setting the benchmark. For business drivers, this SUV offers low CO2

emissions from 129g/km, so low road tax and low fuel consumption, from 57.7mpg. There are two diesel

Combined fuel consumption: 53.3mpg

engines to choose from, a 2 litre with 180 PS power and a 3 litre with 300 PS, but I found the 2 litre engine so powerful that there is little need to opt for the larger engine. There is also a 3 litre petrol and a 2 litre petrol is expected to follow later this year. Made in Wolverhampton, the Ingenium engines are 18% more efficient. The quality interior is super quiet

and there are three trim levels to choose from, Luxury, Sport or First Edition. Unfortunately, the latter is completely sold out. There is a plethora of standard equipment which comes from the XE and XF

and, for long distance drivers, driver drowsiness control. For company car drivers, benefit in kind costs are low.

The best in class residual value quoted by CAP is 50% and the F-Pace has the lowest service and maintenance repair bills. Boot space is the largest in the medium crossover at 650 litres and using a remote release, the second row of seats easily fall into the floor. Ask most owners about their off roader’s capabilities

and they have no idea and mostly this is being scared of which button to push when. In the F-Pace you just push one button, the all surface control. The system automatically took me over a wet off-road route and up a slippery hill with ease and, with a wading depth of 525mm, I drove in and out of a deep stream. There is a choice of manual or auto transmission and

rear wheel drive or all-wheel drive. Creating jobs in Solihull, the F-Pace will be built at

Lode Lane on the same line as that previously used for the Defender. JLR says this SUV is the fastest-selling Jaguar ever and it’s not surprising, with such great looks and great value. Oh, and it’s absolutely fantastic to drive.

You can follow Sue Cooke on Twitter @cookecars

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