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Leafing through the holiday brochures I saw a fabulous once in a lifetime last minute trip at a well reduced price.

I was going to sell my car in a few months’ time so I promptly advertised it. One day later and the car was sold.

The buyer gave me the cash and I had a cursory look at it as he quickly counted it out to me. I deposited the cash in the ATM and headed off on holiday. Relax, Relax, Relax.

On my return I was greeted with the usual pile of mail which was sorted into junk and a pile to be read.

Aaagh - a letter from the bank. The amount of money deposited was £140 less than it should have been and it was well spent.

I was overdrawn; I incurred charges Now, why am I telling you this and really why would you be interested in my overdraught and perhaps you are thinking why did she not check it thoroughly?

The story is fictional.

Every month pharmacists receive a statement from BSO of Account items. Mostly they accept that the amount is correct so they pay the bills to the wholesalers, etc., and sometimes it isn’t enough.

Why? There can be errors on the account for several reasons

• Poor Handwriting leading to incorrect keying

• Incorrect code used/ Old Code • Incorrect Quantity Code

These errors can be rectified in the pharmacy, however, the items miskeyed in BSO can generally be spotted by carefully checking your account.

It is essential that you check your statement - I have never checked a statement on behalf of a contractor that had no errors.

A cursory glance is not enough. You must scrutinise it.

If you need any help with either checking your statement or training for staff on effective coding to optimise payment, please call Katie at 028 9065 6576 and I will help you.

16 UCA talk Representation

UCA STRATEGY LAUNCH In 2011, UCA published its Vision Statement and 3-year strategy for members and the community pharmacy sector which set out a direction of travel to increase the profession’s influence and successfully build important relationships giving the UCA new understandings of how it can work on members’ behalf.

The UCA’s new Strategy for 2015-18 will seek to enhance these new relationships “to ensure pharmacists are valued as an equal and integral partner within the primary care team, working alongside other healthcare professionals to provide the best quality care and support to the public, patients and carers.”

The UCA’s Mission is to “promote and protect our members in community and the wider primary care team in both their professional and commercial lives and to deliver effective leadership.”

To this end we will be reinvigorating our Associate Membership offering support and representation which will enable us to engage with all pharmacists contributing to the success of the sector.

The UCA Strategy 2015-18 will be launched in September 2015.

REPRESENTATION The summer of 2015 may have been very wet, but it has also been very busy for the Ulster Chemists’ Association. In addition to putting the finishing touches on our new strategy document, Executive members have continued to liaise with stakeholder groups throughout the summer.

The Pharmacy Professional Representative Bodies group (PPRB) have met again to produce an action

plan to take forward key actions within Making It Better. Along with colleagues in the Pharmacy Forum, CPNI, NPA and PDA, UCA will continue to play a central role in ensuring we ‘Make it Happen’.

The PPRB will be working on a communications plan so look out for information coming through to you in the Autumn detailing the work we are doing.

SUPPORT SERVICES Locum Online – A number of newly qualified pharmacists have now registered their details with LocumOnline – you can browse to see each locum’s availability or you can send a quick request out to all locums for the days you need covered and they contact you. It’s a very quick and efficient service with no cost to UCA members.

PRE-REGISTRATION The UCA has launched its Pre- registration Training Programme for 2015-16. We have an 8-day programme filled with clinical and practical learning plus an optional Day 9 exam practice session.

Places are running out fast, so please return your booking form as soon as possible or email details to

PRESCRIPTION PAYMENT SUPPORT In every edition of Pharmacy in Focus you will see the CodeWord column written by UCA’s Katie McKittrick.

UCA’s Prescription Payment Support Service helps you manage your BSO submission and check that they have been reimbursed correctly and identify recurring mistakes in coding or endorsement which if undetected for some time can mount up.

Many UCA members have benefited from Katie’s expertise in checking

payment and have had reimbursement from BSO.

Even if you think your processes are sound, Katie can assure you by doing a sample check over one or two months.

Find out more about the Prescription Payment Support service from Katie on 028 9065 6576.

UCA HEALTH PROMOTION KIT Next time you are holding a health check day or doing a careers day at your local school or even visiting a local business, you can hire items from the UCA’s Health Promotion Kit which includes display boards, folding tables & chairs, BP monitor, Cholesterol meter, Blood Glucose meters, BMI reader plus we can give you a supply of result cards, pharmacy record sheets, a set of SOPS and a range of health promotion booklets and posters from sources such as Diabetes UK, CH&S and the Blood Pressure Association.

The maximum hire fee is just £50 inc VAT and if you can’t pick up from the UCA office, we can arrange for the kit to be delivered to you. All we ask is that you supply the test strips. We can even make up bespoke posters for you to advertise your event. Give us a ring on 028 9065 6576 or email

August 2015 Price Concessions

The Department of Health have granted the following price concessions for August 2015: Drug

Pack size Celiprolol 200mg tablets

Chlorphenamine 2mg/5ml oral solution Cimetidine 400mg tablets

Diclofenac Sodium 50mg gastro-resistant tablets Digoxin 125microgram tablets Digoxin 250microgram tablets Digoxin 62.5microgram tablets Fosinopril 20mg tablets

Lamotrigine 5mg dispersible tablets sugar free Mefenamic acid 500mg tablets


150ml 60 28 28 28 28 28 28 28

Price concession

£19.83 £2.49 £6.29 £2.95 £4.40 £3.75 £4.45

£15.40 £9.38

£12.32 No endorsements are required as these prices will automatically be applied to this month's prescriptions.

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