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Focus on CoQ10

Since Pharma Nord introduced coenzyme Q10 to the European market some 25 years ago, it has gone from being a relatively unknown substance to a crucial medical product, helping to save the lives of chronically ill heart patients, as well as providing the key to more energy and vitality.


oQ10 is now a scientifically documented treatment in conditions such as chronic heart

failure, hypertension, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and mitochondrial disorders. It can also help to prevent the side effects of cholesterol-lowering statins, including fatigue and muscle pain.

Assessing the health benefits CoQ10 plays a fundamental role in the biochemical process supplying all cells with energy. Energy production is vital for the optimal functioning of all organs, including the heart and brain.

Although some CoQ10 is obtained from the normal diet, most is synthesised within the body. As people age, the capacity of the body to produce CoQ10 decreases. Natural levels are also depleted by intense exercise, illness and certain types of prescription medicines such as statins.

A deficiency in CoQ10 can cause extreme physical and mental fatigue. The latter can lead to difficulty concentrating, mood changes and irritability.

CoQ10 and the heart CoQ10 is of particular importance in tissues with a high energy requirement, such as cardiac muscle. The vitamin-like substance is also important as a cell membrane protecting antioxidant. Again this is of particular importance in heart tissue, where cardiac cells are exposed to high levels of potentially damaging free radicals. Patients with heart


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disorders such as heart failure invariably have depleted levels of CoQ10.

New hope for heart patients Supplementation with CoQ10 has been the subject of two recent ground-breaking controlled clinical studies, called Q-SYMBIO and KISEL- 10, relating to the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease.

In the Q-SYMBIO study, more than 400 patients with chronic heart failure received a placebo or 3 x 100mg CoQ10 capsules (Bio-Quinone Active Q10) per day for two years. Supplementation with CoQ10 reduced the risk of cardiac-related mortality by 43 per cent.

CoQ10 with sufficient bio-availability has therefore been reported as the first novel drug to improve heart failure mortality since the introduction of ACE inhibitors and beta-blockers.

A Danish cardiologist and researcher involved in the study commented: “The results we have seen are extremely positive and promising. In fact, I would extend that to say that we are looking at a paradigm shift in the treatment of chronic heart failure.”

In the KISEL-10 study, more than 400 normal elderly participants received placebo or 200mg of CoQ10 (Bio- Quinone Active Q10) and 200mcg of selenium (SelenoPrecise) daily for five years. Supplementation with CoQ10 and selenium improved heart health and reduced the risk of cardiac related mortality by more than 50 per cent.

A focus on bio-availability To be effective for heart function, the CoQ10 supplement must have the ability to raise blood CoQ10 levels to at least 3mcg/ml. The formulation of the Q10 raw material is extremely

Q-SYMBIO study shows fewer cardiovascular mortalities

important to ensure bio-availability. The molecules are assembled in large orange crystals which cannot be absorbed by the intestine in this form and do not dissolve in water and only slightly in oil. As a result, supplements where the Q10 crystals are broken down into single molecules and dissolved in oil have been shown to provide the best absorption.

A.L. Mortensen will present the Q-SYMBIO study at the European Society of Cardiology Congress on the 31st August 2015.


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