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Trainer Steve Teel works with a client at Lorne Park Anytime Fitness in Mississauga, ON. The facility houses a small Physiomed clinic onsite.

SW: To make our model work for smaller clubs we‘ve simply made the clinics smaller. We still take a whole health approach and use the same Physiomed Health Assessment used in our larger clinics, but in these smaller clinics, we’re almost entirely focused on lifestyle medicine and improving mem- bers’ fitness rather than focussing on injury treatment in several small treat- ment rooms. This way, we take up less space and can focus our efforts on pro- viding the services that are most in de- mand by members. By focussing only on services that club members want, we’re able to streamline our operations and occupy a smaller footprint, as little as 100 square feet.

FBC: What’s the best thing about running your company? these smaller clinics, we’re almost entirely focused on lifestyle medicine and improving members’ fitness...”

member goes through the Physiomed Health Assessment, which typical- ly leads to a treatment plan, a health improvement program or a person- al training program. In many of our clinics, we look after the club’s health centre and provide personal training services on a revenue or profit sharing basis. The bottom line is that we help clubs add value for their members, in- crease their revenues and provide an attractive option in an increasingly competitive business environment.

FBC: Who are your key staff members?

SW: Almost all of our active care specialists are kinesiologists. They work under the supervision of a

22 Fitness Business Canada November/December 2012

physiotherapist, chiropractor or anoth- er regulated healthcare professional. The health assessment, performed

by a kinesiologist, chiropractor, phys- iotherapist or medical doctor, is the most important aspect of the new client intake. It looks at the client’s health from a musculoskeletal and metabolic/nutrition perspective. New members are triaged through the pro- cess and always see at least a phys- iotherapist or chiropractor, unless they’re completely asymptomatic. We bring in nutritionists and other profes- sionals as required.

FBC: Your clinics are located in large fitness clubs and, more recently, in smaller facilities. How are they different?

SW: There’s a lot of life in my busi- ness. It doesn’t feel like work. I wrap myself up in the community of my doc- tors and get up every day with the idea of creating a better and healthier place for people in a creative way. Of course there are ups and downs, but it’s an ex- citing job. People are always interested in chatting with me about the busi- ness. It’s fun being a trailblazer.

FBC: What is your vision for the fitness industry?

SW: I think our goal as an industry should be to offer dynamic club mem- berships that refer members with health concerns to the appropriate health and wellness professionals. Even some of the no-frills clubs that don’t traditionally offer services are learning that it makes business sense to offer some services. Our concept is based on the fact that people value what they want and they want what they know. If we can educate people, they'll value their health, and they'll commit time and money to im- proving their health for years to come. If you can tie all this into a fitness club, you’ve got a great business. FBC

For more information, contact Physiomed president Justin Belobaba at 866-236-4978 or

Photo: Marvan Kwan

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