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ABC Financial ABC Financial announces new soſtware enhancements. The employee portal allows trainers, instructors and service providers the ability to view and manage their own schedule while at home or away from the club. Wait List allows clubs to ensure their classes are at full utilization. The upgraded CRS reporting features a cleaner look with new reports, report queues, en- hanced reporting formats, better FAVORITES manage- ment, and mobile access. Additional features include Accelerated Services and MYiCLUBonline iPhone App. For more information, visit or call (800) 551-9733.

Atlantis Strongman Atlantis introduces its new line of Strongman Equipment. The Farmer’s Walk Handles, weigh- ing 35 lbs each, feature knurled grip, 4 spring- lock collars and are 5’ long with 1.2” handles. The 10” Log Press features 2 spring-lock collars. Designed for building total body strength and endurance, the Atlantis Sled includes handles and pegs made of stainless steel. For more in- formation, visit or call (877) 454-2285 Ext.248

Merrithew Health & Fitness™ Tower Trainer™ Merrithew Health & Fitness™ Tower Trainer™ can be used for Pilates, dance and traditional fitness training, facilitating hundreds of exercises, from simple to complex multi-planar movements. Featuring a variety of straps and high-preci- sion springs that can be attached to various locations on the frame, as well as a Push-thru Bar, a Roll-Down Bar and a Sliding Stability Bar, individuals can exercise while seated, standing or supported on the bar. The raised mat allows all types of mat work and stretching exercises and the large surface area accommodates other accessories and equip- ment. For more information, visit tower-trainer or call (800) 910-0001 x 264.

SportsSMS The new Fitness Class Text Messaging Service can help if you need to get an important message to your next class and emailing or calling won’t work. SportsSMS provides a cloud-based text messag- ing service enabling you to enter all customer cell phone numbers by class/program, then allows you to text one or more classes knowing your text will arrive in seconds. Simple text messaging works on all cell phones, no “App” or smart phone is required. Service platforms are available for individual Trainers and Corporate clients.

For more information, visit

Discovery Series Selectorized Line The new Discovery Series Selectorized Line from Precor combines functional perfor- mance elements with design and attention to detail. All 19 products in the Line feature a universal, low-profile tower height (59 in/150 cm) and a translucent shroud. A large, easy-to-understand, illustration demonstrates correct form at a glance for your exercis- ers, along with a QR code that provides smart phone links to helpful instructional videos. For more information contact Precor,, at (800) 786-8404 or your local Precor Authorized Dealer, STAK Fitness,, at (866) 936-0006.

18 Fitness Business Canada November/December 2012

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