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White Spot staff: l - r Sandra Ly, Karen Presley, Steven Mah and Daneaya Ziolkoski



On June 1st, a second full service White Spot restaurant opened at what was previously the Skyway Atrium Lounge, allowing passengers and their well- wishers to “hit the Spot” before passing through the security checkpoint.

“Well-wishers dropping off passengers, residents in the area and passengers themselves were looking for more food options at the airport,” says Samaddar. “Now passengers can enjoy a send-off meal with friends and family before they head through the security checkpoint, or have a quick meeting at the restaurant before a flight. With public access and take-out service, it also provides another food and beverage option for airport employees, as well as airport tenants and UBC Okanagan students.”

Hours of operation for this White Spot are 5 am to 8 pm. Food services at YLW before security clearance also include Tim Horton’s which operates from 4:30 am to 10 pm daily. In the departures area after Security, White Spot and the Skyway Café and Wine Bar are both open between 5 am and 8 pm.

A number of trials are underway at YLW aimed at making the procedures passengers must undergo at the airport faster and more efficient. With the widespread applications of technology, passengers can already check-in online for most major airlines serving YLW from their home, office or anywhere they can access the Internet. When you arrive at the airport and have not already checked in electronically you can still use the convenient self-service kiosks.

Now the kiosks can also be used to check your bag. If you checked in on the Internet with your computer or mobile device you can scan your boarding pass at the kiosk; your baggage tags will print out automatically with a barcode and destination on them. Simply attach the tag to your bag and an airline representative will scan the tags before your drop your bags off on the luggage belt and head through the departure gate. This service is available now on Westjet for US and Canada flights; other airlines will follow shortly. “Our goal is to have a maximum 15-minute window from the time a passenger arrives at the airport to when they reach the gate ready to board; Curb to Gate in 15 Minutes or Less by 2015,” says Samaddar.

“YLW is working very hard with our partners (CATSA, CBSA, Airlines, Transport Canada) to improve the customer experience and process efficiencies.”

With the completion this September of Phase 1 of the airport’s Drive to 1.6 Million Passengers Development Program, passengers arriving in the international arrivals hall will enjoy a more efficient process, improving the experience for visitors entering Canada or residents returning home. Currently passengers deplane and enter the hall where they wait to pick up their bags before being interviewed by a Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Officer. When arriving in YLW from the USA or Mexico after September 2012, passengers will see a CBSA Officer first (known as primary inspection line of PIL) then pick up their bags. This is the process you may be familiar with if you have entered the country through a larger airport such as Vancouver or Toronto in the past.

To offer suggestions and passenger feedback, please email or provide comments through twitter @ylwkelowna and facebook/ylw.kelownaairport.


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