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“In the past year, D-Drill has been involved with a number of high- profi le projects, including the Cutty Sark and the Shard, which have each presented unique technical challenges”

Last year saw the company increased supplier training activity by 100 per cent, or 150 man hours, and employee training by 10 per cent per employee

Site Preparation & Services WINNER D-DRILL (MASTER DRILLERS)

D-Drill (Master Drillers) has been delivering excellence in drilling and sawing technology for 45 years. With 80 employees, it now boasts the UK’s largest branch network of drilling and sawing operations. The company has completed

a wide range of projects in the past year, which demonstrate its versatility and high-level capability. Recent projects include:

drilling in the 143-year-old Cutty Sark ship in Greenwich, London with minimum disruption to the surroundings; drilling feeding holes into the elephant’s enclosure at Twycross Zoo, Warwickshire; reclaiming priceless pieces of tiled art at the old Royal Victoria Infi rmary hospital in Newcastle; removing 1.6 tonne pieces of concrete in a chocolate factory without cross-contamination; and drilling in the foundations of the Shard, London. A recent satisfaction survey

revealed that 94 per cent of D-Drill’s jobs came from repeat business. The company invests heavily in its 80 employees and fi rmly believes that their high level of engagement and loyalty has been instrumental in D-Drill’s success. Examples of ways in which this engagement is maintained include the branch manager holding daily communications meetings with the drilling team, and lively short training sessions which cover technical issues and often general business issues. D-Drill invests in training

employees and suppliers and last year increased supplier training activity by 100 per cent, or 150 man hours, and employee training by 10 per cent per employee. It also reduced accidents from 34 in 2009 to just seven last year. D-Drill has seen profi t increase

by 11 per cent last year and has secured four long-term contracts which off er main contractors a



fi xed set of costs and charges for a certain period and places D-Drill as the contractor’s preferred supplier of concrete- cutting activities. The agreement includes

commitment to health and safety, environmental intent, technical knowledge and is designed to build on the trust between the two companies. This, plus other activities, has increased D-drill’s client case by 14.5 per cent. The company hopes to

negotiate a further 10 similar contracts this year.

5 April 2012 | 41


D-Drill is fast becoming one of the leading names when it comes to site preparation and services. It’s all down to the company’s management team, which ensures the same core principles are adopted across its 10-strong UK branch network. The team’s commitment to

training, safety, quality and customer satisfaction has helped to set D-Drill apart and has seen its turnover, profit and repeat business increase. D-Drill managing director Julie White says: “On many occasions, we are called in after others have not been able to get the job done. As a company, we have 45 years of experience and expertise. As a management team we have built on that to offer the best possible service we can.”

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