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Specialists Awards 2012 Fire Protection WINNER FIRE DESIGN SOLUTIONS

Over half of FDS’ work comes from repeat business


“We particularly liked the fact that Fire Design Solutions’ impressive performance covered more than just the fi nancial aspects of the company – investment in research and development has helped bring savings to clients”

This fi re design consultancy, which is celebrating its 10th birthday this year, has defi ed the economic downturn by remaining profi table, maintaining staff levels and increasing its client base. With over half of its work

coming from repeat business, Fire Design Solutions believes that key to its success is its strong client focus as well as commitment to research and development of the best systems and products for the industry. The company prides itself on

continually reviewing its pricing structure and suppliers to ensure it receives the best prices and quality for system components. These cost savings are also passed on to clients in a transparent way. Maintaining and improving

communication internally and externally has been a key objective for the past year to improve customer service and project delivery. Commitment to staff

development is also a priority for the company, which has resulted in each employee receiving an average 26 hours of training in the past 12 months.

38 | 5 April 2012



A detailed training plan with 88

diff erent training modules or certifi cations, with a clear calendar of training activities for every employee, ensures that employees are well informed of new legislation and techniques. FDS has an excellent health and

safety record, with no reportable incidents in 2010-2011. This has been maintained by having an integral health and safety culture throughout the business by prioritising high safety standards as a key company objective. The company has expanded its

business over the years, providing a turnkey service that combines fi re safety installation with security and access control, thereby overcoming potential interfacing issues and introducing savings for clients.


Fire Design Solutions managing director Nick Waterfield says: “Grosvenor Waterside is a landmark residential development just north of Chelsea Bridge in London. “The FDS design and installation

teams used its expertise and own innovative systems to overcome fire safety challenges. While a specification change midway through the project called for a modification, it was accommodated in such a way that there was no impact on the build schedule.” The level to which this expertise

was appreciated is clear from the client St James Group’s testimonial: “We found them very skilled at finding solutions – they overcame a problem with corridors overheating by changing the software, and provided an installation service that enabled us to hand over parts of the scheme in phases. “The installation was seamless,

which allowed us the leisure of not having to worry about the fire safety element. We are very happy.”

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