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REAL ESTATE: By Teri Davidson

Realtors have always been competitive and never so much now since the independent contractor status and all the new companies springing up which promise the highest dollar received for your home without paying the high commission fees of a realtor.

As independent realtors we all have the Pet Peeve

status of running our own busi- nesses even if it is under the umbrella of the broker/owner. We are all individually responsible legally and we are in charge of how we market ourselves ,, how we treat our peers and the public as long as the behavior falls into the guidelines of our licencing ( and for those of you NOT licensed realtors we ARE very strictly gov- erned). We can advertise where we choose , spend as little or as much as we want and our hours of work are free for us to set. We can also choose to act or treat other realtors any way we deem fit. We do need to educate ourselves as well so we keep ourselves up to date with all of the latest technologies and new legal forms and contracts. The best of us know we offer a very much needed service to families looking to sell or purchase real property. But the old days of having a bro- ker educate his or her new staff and give them good sound advice about how to work within the industry, treating your peers with respect and allowing them their dignity seems to have, in most cases, fallen by the wayside. Bro- kers used to be respected…we used to respect each other as sales- people and as brokers. I don’t see a whole lot of this going on anymore and it has really taken joy out of the career of being a realtor. This , in my opinion, is the biggest factor in perhaps why some people feel they are better off in selling their homes them- selves. We need to be professional , treat each other as professionals. As always the bad apples spoil the whole basket.

There are salespeople out there who never return phone calls to other salespeople for feedback after a SHOWING. There’s no rule

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written into our Code of Ethics that you must but to me it is com- mon courtesy. There are salespeo- ple who don’t return keys, who don’t show up when they have booked an appointment to show a home that is listed by another salesperson, who call to cancel the showing 10 minutes before they were supposed to be there for a showing …leaving the listing salesperson to have to immediately call the seller no matter what that salesperson may be doing at the time and then deal with the frustra- tion the owner expresses at having gone to all the trouble of getting their home ready for the viewing only to have it cancelled at the last minute. ( I would really like to pass on the cancelling agents num- ber and have the frustration aimed at the source rather than the person relaying the sort notice cancella- tion).

Lights are left on when a showing is complete. Doors are left unlocked. All totally unpro- fessional.

I’ve met and dealt with sales- people and brokers who have no idea how to draft clauses or show properties…especially country list- ings. Mistakes are made and I’m sure , sometimes at a cost for the salesperson involved.

We offer a service that is so necessary in my opinion for the consumer. The pitfalls and poor representation that is offered by private for sale companies or owner representation demands that we combat such with our highest level of professionalism. I f you can’t act or be professional you should not be in the real estate business.

Any consumer that has the misfortune of dealing with an inept salesperson or broker becomes an

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even stronger advocate of these other services.

Consider the law profession. If consumers or clients were left to deal with lawyers who did not act professionally in getting back to their clients, not being familiar with their legal clauses, contracts etc., who were rude to other lawyers or their peers how long would their clients deal with them? There are far more profes- sional realtors in our industry than not but those who aren’t need to revisit their methods of operation, keep in line with the majority of wonderful ,contentious salespeople and continue to keep our industry one of the finest to be a member of.

Teri Davidson is Broker/Owner of Associate Realty Brantford Inc. Teri has been a licensed realtor for over 33 years. She and her family also own and operate “White House Farm” in Ancaster where they raise and train quality Registered AQHA and APHA horses and breed King Ger- man Shepherds and puppies. ##Litter coming end of Jan. 2012!

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