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Akaash Maharaj Stands Down as CEO of Equine Canada

It is with sincere regret that Equine Canada reports that Akaash Maharaj has announced his decision to stand down from his post as our Chief Executive Officer. Akaash accepted the position of CEO in 2008, stating that he would remain in the role for one quadrennial cycle.

“The years have rushed by faster than I could ever have imagined,” said Akaash. “It has been a time of many joys and friendships, and leaving is more difficult than I had expected. In a life blessed beyond my deserts, one of my greatest privileges has been the opportunity to serve my country and my sport by helping to build Equine Canada into a national institution worthy of its name. But I feel as strongly today as I did when I began, that for any institution to progress, it must periodically rejuve- nate itself with new leadership, new perspectives, and new blood.”

series of fundamental constitutional and organisa- tional reforms, to strengthen our institution, to pro- fessionalise our services, and to increase direct accountability to our individual members. While carrying out these reforms, Akaash was invited by the International Equestrian Federation (FEI) to chair its worldwide Constitutional Task Force, and invited by the Canadian Olympic Committee to serve on its national Ethics and Governance Com- mittee.

equestrian system,” said Akaash, “and I am looking forward to having some time of my own again, to ride my horse and to reflect before beginning the next chapter of my life. The moment has come for me to ride off into the sunset, and I hope that Cana- dians will judge that I leave Canadian equestrianism stronger than when I arrived.”

About Equine Canada

Central Ontario Pleasure Driving Association

Before joining Equine Canada, Akaash rode for Canada in Equestrian Combat Sports, and was a triple gold medallist at the International Champi- onships in the FEI regional discipline of Tent Peg- ging. He is the first national equestrian athlete to serve as the professional head of the federation. As Akaash arrived as our CEO, Equine Canada achieved Canada’s greatest Olympic medal results and our greatest Paralympic medal results of all time, and as his tenure continued, we achieved our largest number of FEI World Equestrian Games medals of all time. Equine Canada also secured our highest private revenue, our highest public revenue, and our largest membership of all time. Simultaneously, the federation implemented a

From Our Founder

Remembering January and February 1978

Remembering January 1978

January featured a number of stal- lions. One was Painted Skipper, one of the finest Paint Horse Stallions in Ontario was being advertised as a 97% colour producer. Skipper was owned by the Riley’s of Princeton,Ontario.

Al’s Tack Shop in Stouffville fea- tured Billy Royal Saddles plus other tack items available for the up coming Quarterama ‘78 show.

Quarterama ‘78 was scheduled for March 9 to 12. A $2,500 NRHA Rein- ing class was offered. Admission to the show was $3.00 youth $1.50. Advance group tickets could be pur- chased from Linda Sisson. Four day passes were $10.00.

We reported in our January issue that the largest Ride- A- Thon held in Canada raised $42,000 for the Com- munity Association for Riding for the Disabled (C.A.R.D.) and Remedial Riding of Mississauga. The Ride start- ed from Al’s Tack Shop.

The White Oaks Western Saddle Club announced their 1978 board of directors: President Mark Mandie,VP Ken Rowley, Secretary Linda Rowley and Treasurer Wilma Velenosi.

Ontario Combined Driving Association

A Hamilton man bought two sad-

“Akaash rode into the world of high perfor- mance sport as a breath of fresh air, in what is often a turbulent and conflicted place,” said Chris Rudge, former CEO of the Canadian Olympic Committee. “His calm demeanour, gentle comportment, unpar- alleled intellect, and mastery of the nuance of his sport quickly raised the profile of Equine Canada, and moved his federation to a position of leadership among Canadian national sport federations. He stood out as a leader among his peers, and his integrity and principle set him apart in a world that is all too often distorted by the intoxication of power. He will be missed by all sport in Canada, and his legacy will endure beyond the exceptional achievements of equestrian sport on the internation- al stage during his tenure.”It has been a pleasure to work with Akaash for almost four years,” said Mike Gallagher, president of Equine Canada. “I think his most positive asset has been his tremendous public speaking skills that have helped Equine Canada pre- sent their position at several forums.”

“I intend to take pause to catch my breath after the whirlwind pace of governance of the national

dles stolen from a barn on Third Road and Mud Street in Stoney Creek. The saddles valued at $325.00 were pur- chased at a local bar. The judge fined the purchaser $500.00 or 30 days in jail.

The Rider offered 12 month sub- scriptions for $10.00 which qualified the purchaser to win a $1,000 Circle Y Saddle.

The Ontario Ministry of Culture and Recreation offered a half back promotion which meant that you could use your Wintario tickets for discounts on Canadian books and magazines.

Otoe’s Marc, an AQHA stallion owner by Jim and Mildred Evans, was sold to Dr. E. Quaint of Crimno Italy. Due to an out break of VD in British horses shipping was delayed. Most horses were quarantined in the UK. The stallion was rerouted through New York direct to Italy.

Some of the fastest and most agile horses in USA were scheduled to be auctioned off in Henderson, Colorado on April 15.

The 89th Rose Parade in Pasade- na, California advised The Rider that 250 Equine units were featured in the parade.

Roy and Joan Ionson of George- town, Ontario advertised Sugar Joe Reed AAA- AQHA Champion for a stud fee of $300.00.

Remembering February 1978

The Humber College Equine Cen- tre in Rexdale Ontario held a WHAO show on February 26th, 1978. The show was judged by WHAO Judge Lorna Aylett of Fenwick, Ontario. The

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Akaash Maharaj riding for UNICEF Team Canada, on the stallion Shomool, at the FEI International Tent Pegging Championships in the Sultanate of Oman.

show was a work up to Quarterama. ‘78.

Rider reported on the Ontario Cutting Horse Association’ s new board of directors. The following were appointed: Membership - Bill Adams; Awards - Stan Bond; Shows - Al Wat- son and Roy Ionson; Maturity - Wal- ter Hellier and Gary Hughes. Member- ship was increased to $25.00.

The Ontario Rodeo Association elected Eric DeGroote President, 1st VP Pat Koellin, Secretary Kay DeG- roote, and for Public Relations, Jerry Kineslla.

Don Lawrence, one of the founders of the Ontario Rodeo Associ- ation, wrote a story for The Rider titled “I Recall”.... Don started his story by revealing that the ORA had reached a mile stone of 21 years since it’s establishment. Don was also a past president of the Canadian Appaloosa Horse Association and director of the WHAO.

The Ontario Barrel Racing Asso- ciation announced that it was forming a permanent organization. They announced that a $1,000 race was planned for Al’s Tack shop. Val Mitchell was the OBRA secretary.

The Ontario Equestrian Federa- tion was the name given to the new united body representing equestrian sports in Ontario. It was composed of former members of the National Equestrian Federation Council, The Canadian Horse Council and The Ontario Council of Horse Organiza- tions.

The Ontario Equestrian Federa- tion was the name given to the new united body representing equestrian

sports in Ontario. It was composed of former members of the NEFC, The Canadian Horse Council, The Ontario Council of Horse Organizations Breed groups and all other sports using hors- es. The Government of Ontario and Wintario revised it’s funding priorities for the benefit of Ontario horses and owners.

The OEF’s first president was John Murdock well known in Hunter Jumper circles, Vice President was herb Towers a well established West- ern Horseman, secretary was Mavis McCallum from the Ontario Trail Rid- ers Association.

The Rider previously had taken a stand against the Federal Governments Canadian Horse Council for their their feeble attempt at writing rules for Western Horse Shows. It was indeed a welcome relief that the Ontario Gov- ernment and Wintario chose to get the entire Ontario Horse industry orga- nized.

A women charged with cruelty after a malnourished Shetland pony with 15 inch hooves found in her barn, became a victim of cruelty in the form of hate letters.

In 1977 a horse health survey by the Morris Animal Health Foundation found that Colic was the No. 1 killer.

Jay Norris Corporation of Canada was found guilty of on a charge of selling an unregistered pesticide. The charge was laid by Agriculture Canada the fine $100.00

Aidan W. Finn CD President

Ontario Reined Cow Horse Association

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