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Q.R.O.O.I: 11 Harwood Avenue South, Suite 202, Ajax Ontario L1S 2B9 Telephone: (905) 426-7050 • Fax: (905) 426-7093 Email:


Pony Proposal

Ajax Downs has advised QROOI trainers will not be allowed to “Pony Horses” at Ajax Downs this upcoming Race Season. Ponying will be provid- ed for all race entries by a separate contractor (the Pony Crew.) The PONY CREW requires: 1. An ADMINISTRATOR Responsibilities for this position include: -Ensuring an adequate number of Pony Riders and Horses is available to provide Ponying for all entries. The minimum number suggested is 12 as Ajax Downs’ goal is to have 10, full field races each race day. -Assigning Ponying responsibility for the entire card no later than 10:00am race day. -Ensuring each Pony Rider has the proper attire and


Bob Broadstock 18101 Cedardale Road, Nestleton, Ontario L0B 1L0 (905) 986-0044


equipment to safely pony a racehorse. -Maintaining the assigned stalls for Pony Horses as agreed with the track management. -Ensuring the humane treatment of all Pony Horses. This includes but is not limited to develop- ing a schedule that permits a break for Pony Horses as required. -Overseeing and being responsible for Pony Riders payment. 2. PONY RIDERS Experi- enced Pony Riders are encouraged to submit their interest in providing this service for the 2012 season to the QROOI Head Office. We will for- ward your name and contact informa- tion to the successful ADMINISTRA- TOR. Based on the interest level received from experienced Pony Rid- ers, we will evaluate the feasibility of establishing this program as a separate entity for the 2012 season. Should an adequate number of applicants not be achieved for the 2012 season, an alter- nate plan will be prepared. Further development of this process will be conducted to ensure the Pony Rider Proposal is establish for the 2013 sea- son, going forward.


Erik Lehtinen RR #2,

Uxbridge, ON L9P 1R2

(905) 852-5245 Ontario-Owned

Foals Eligible for the AQHA Racing Challenge

Ontario Quarter Horse Racing Industry

Development Program

In an effort to kick start increased Ontario participation in the AQHA Racing Challenge, the Ontario Quarter Horse Racing Industry Development Program (the Program) is working in partnership with the Quarter Racing Owners of Ontario Inc. (QROOI) and the American Quarter Horse Associa- tion (AQHA) to encourage Ontario owners of 2010 and 2011 foals to enroll their horses. QROOI worked with AQHA to get an agreement for a one-time reduced enrollment rate, and in return will be conducting a blitz to

Greg Watson 785 Hwy 7A,

Bethany, ON L0A 1A0 (705) 277-0248

Doug Cheetham

32 Talbot St., Brampton, ON L6X 2P5 (905) 796-9640

René Hunderup

P.O. Box 310, Station Main, King City, ON L7B 1A6 (905) 886-7886

Steve Hunter

231485 County Road 24, Grand Valley, Ontario L6X 2P5 • (519) 928-5209

try and contact all Ontario owners about this opportunity. The Program, in turn, will be funding the 2012 enrollments received from Ontario res- idents to a maximum of $300 US per horse. Foals enrolled to the Challenge are eligible for their lifetime to be nominated to specific AQHA Chal- lenge races.For Foals of 2010 – The Ontario resident owner must submit a completed 2012 Racing Challenge Enrollment Form, indicating year foaled, to the office of the QROOI by January 31st. For Foals of 2011 – The Ontario resident owner must sub- mit a completed 2012 Racing Chal- lenge Enrollment Form, indicating year foaled, to the office of the QROOI by March 31st. “Enrollment in the Racing Challenge will provide Ontario owners with the opportunity to test their horses in this prestigious rac- ing program,” said QROOI president, Bob Broadstock. “There is a particular advantage in 2012, as we expect to host five Challenge races here in Ontario this year. As well the Chal- lenge Championship will be hosted on

October 27th at Prairie Meadows in Iowa, a manageable journey for most horsepeople.” Acting on this offer will make Ontario horses eligible to be nominated to Challenge races hosted in Ontario, as well as all U.S. jurisdic- tions hosting Challenge races. Ontario hosted three Challenge series races in 2011 at Fort Erie – a G3 Champi- onship, a Distaff and a Bonus Chal- lenge race – and it is expected that five Challenge races will be offered in 2012. “Ontario owners who have not already registered their young horses will have to act fast to get that job done, as enrollment to the Racing Challenge is for horses registered with the AQHA,” said Darrell Hare, Direc- tor of the Racing Challenge. The QROOI is standing by to receive Rac- ing Challenge Enrollment Forms from Ontario owners. Quarter Racing Own- ers of Ontario Telephone: (905) 426- 7050 Fax: (905) 426-7093 Email: More information on programs supported by

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Brian Farell

C2130 - Hwy #7, RR #1, Sunderland, ON L0C 1H0 (705) 357-3214

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