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FEBRUARY 2012 THE RIDER /21 AQHA Director’s Report

From Kathy Patterson In 2011, during my first year as an AQHA Director, I worked very hard to familiarize myself,

programs and policies of AQHA. I also continued my work with AQHA’s Youth Committee and as the Advisor to the Ontario Quarter Horse Youth Association.

Along with a number of other Ontario members, I attended an AQHA Show Man- agement Seminar, held during the Congress.

even more, with the

AQHA National Novice Cham- pionship Shows.

In December, I attended a Youth Advisors meeting in Dal- las where discussions were held on the AQHYA World Show, Youth Excellence Seminar and the AQHA leveling program. There was also a brainstorming session on fund raising, increas- ing membership and new AQHYA programs and events.

NOVICE CHAMPIONSHIPS The AQHA Show Council recently announced three quali- fying options for the inaugural

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To qualify for the Novice Championship shows, competi- tors will do so through national and state/province qualifying. Two national invitation oppor- tunities exist for competitors. Those include a top-10 placing at an AQHA regional champi- onship show in a Novice class or to show to 20 AQHA judges throughout the year. Methods of state/province qualifying will vary by affiliate. The AQHA Eastern Novice Championship Show will be held October 5-7, 2012, at the Tennessee Miller Coliseum in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The Western ver- sion will be held September 21- 23, 2012 at the South Point Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.


A Ranch Horse Pleasure Class has been approved and is expected to be offered at approved shows beginning this year.

OQHA Hall Of Fame

Joe was extremely passionate about the new club and was completely dedicated and worked tire- lessly to promote Area 3 and give it life.

Joe’s support of the Quarter Horse industry was not only for Area 3, but he was also a big sup- porter of OQHA and Quarterama. Till the day he passed he never missed a Quarterama or a Western World! He served on many OQHA and Area 3 boards throughout the years. The last year Joe served was as the 2nd Vice President on the OQHA board in 1985/86

In November 1987 Joe was diagnosed with Lunge Cancer and at the age of 58, Joe Hoskins died on April16th 1988. His Children and Grandchildren are still carrying on the tradition of showing Quarter Horses today. He would have been very proud of them and very humble for being inducted into the OQHA Hall Of Fame.


The horse inducted into the 2011 OQHA Hall Of Fame is RED MAMBO JR, a 1960 Bay Gelding owned by the late Fred Hill and shown by his son, Brian Hill. This horse was sired by Red Mambo out of Lou Cindy bred by Dolores Smith of Lansing, Michigan. Red Mambo Jr had a remark- able show career earning more than 150 AQHA Points. He had points in Halter, Reining, Trail, Hunter Under Saddle, Working Cow Horse, Western Riding, Western Pleasure and Working Hunter. This included a Performance ROM in 1965 and a Superior in Reining in 1974. “RED” was one of the best all- around horses of his time compet- ing against horse like “King Clipper Joe” and “Show Tip” who were inducted into the OQHA Hall of Fame in prior years.

His accomplishments includ- ed: OQHA Champion Sr. Halter Gelding, 1965 & 1966; OQHA High Point Youth Horse 1965 & 1966; OQHA Champion Reining Horse 1966-1967; OQHA Champi- on Western Riding Horse 1966- 1967-1968; All-Around Reserve Ontario Champion 1967; All Around Reserve Quarter Horse of Canada 1967; OQHA Champion Trail Horse 1968; 3rd Place All Around Quarter Horse of Ontario 1968 as well as many other accom- plishments in the Open Show Ring. “RED” was used for Jumping demonstrations by Jimmy Day in 1969 and for Reining demonstra- tions using strictly leg commands and no bridle. Just before the Hills stopped showing him, they started him on cutting.

Brian Hill feels both honoured and privileged to have shown such a great horse and have “RED MAMBO JR” inducted into the OQHA Hall Of Fame.

Beginning in 2013 there will be AQHA hosted Trail Challenges for all breeds. A Trail Challenge is a judged course that tests a horse and rider’s ability to work as a team and navigate through natural obstacles they might encounter on a trail. The purpose of a Trail Challenge is to enhance the horsemanship skills riders need while encouraging educa- tion, safety and fun on the trail. There are also a number of Rule Changes that will affect a number of classes and divisions particularly Working Cow Horse.

For detailed information on all these issues please go to

LEVELING PROGRAM AQHA is moving ahead to refine its proposed Leveling Pro- gram which will go into full operation January 2013, but throughout 2012 the program will continue to go through test- ing and refinement before it’s ready for full implementation.

The AQHA Incentive Fund, which began in the early 1980’s is also undergoing a number of updates. It’s very interesting to note that one hun- dred percent of annual license fees go directly into the fund. As has been the case since inception, AQHA is not taking any of this money. It’s an investment exhibitors will make every year to boost the Incen- tive Fund’s value.

ECONOMIC IMPACT As Show Committees and groups are planning their events it’s interesting to note an Eco- nomic Impact formula devel- oped by AQHA. This is a great tool to use when approaching sponsors.

(Actual number of horses x 3 people per horse = total peo- ple) x (2 actual show days + 1 move in/out day x $150 per diem= total $) = $ directly into city. Then multiply $ directly into city x 2 (estimated number of times each tourist dollar turns over in the economy) = total economic impact.

Sample: Two Day show

(70 actual horses x 3 people per horse = 210 people) x (2 actual show days + 1 move in/out day x $150 per diem = $450) = $94,500

$94,500 x 2 = $189,000 total economic impact on community.

YOUTH WORLD CUP The 2012 AQHA Youth World Cup will take place in Kreuth, Germany, July 21-29, 2012.

Chosen by the CQHA to represent Canada are: Compet- ing Riders: Joannie Backes, Carlsbad Springs, Ontario; Quinn Brandt, Steinbach, Mani- toba; Carly Epp, Caledon, Ontario; Rianna Storey, Cam- bridge, Ontario; and Hayley Stradling, Aldergrove, British Columbia.

Alternate Riders will be: Amanda Daly, Pritchard, British Columbia and Anika Hodgson, Stellarton, Nova Scotia.

Youth Leadership Members are: Laura Anne Berensci, Paris Ontario; Stefanie Lepp, Rivers, Manitoba and Brittany Ruecker, Balcarres, Saskatchewan. Team Coach is Della Cryderman and Team Manager is Karen Wester-

Kathy Patterson back.

AQHA CONVENTION The 2012 AQHA Conven- tion will be held at the South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas beginning on Friday, March 9 continuing to Monday, March 12. Check out the AQHA web site for complete information and please consider joining us for an informative and fun weekend.

If I can be of any assistance, please contact me at: Phone: (519) 345-2861, Fax: (519) 345- 2742 or by e-mail at:

OQHA Thanks Our Sponsors Thank you to our Sponsors • ABC Recreation

and Volunteers!

The Ontario Quarter Horse Breeders Futurity would like thank the many sponsors that supported the 2012 OQHBF. Without our sponsors, our show would not be possible. Your generous support is appreciated by the committee, the Ontario board of directors and all the exhibitors.

Please remember to sup- port our sponsors! • Home Hardware • Sunderland Co-Op

• Bagshaw Quarter Horses • HB Quarter Horses • Crawford Quarter Horses • Buckeye Nutrition • Brockville Motors • Epona PR

• The Farr Family

• Kathy’s Show Equipment • Todd Bailey Saddlery • Riverbend Designs • Area 1 Promotional Club • Arskey Lumber

• Pat Carter Trail Challenge • S. Burnett and Associates Limited

• Area 2 Promotional Club • OAQHA

• Gilles Seguin and Debbie Haughton

• Martini Construction • Dawn-Mar Stables • ABC Recreation

• Rick Leek Quarter Horses • J A Simpson Trucking • Dwayne Pickard • Larry Johnson • Elaine Vink • Shari Irwin

• Tisdale Ranch and Tack • Champ Enterprises • Ilderton Agriplex

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