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155M­100 has an approved Flight Manual Supplemental covering weight and balance considerations, basic opera­ tions and system descriptions. Each component of the kit can be explored using the free Metro Aviation, Inc. iPad App, which was developed as a familiarization and training tool for customers. The App

currently features 360­degree interior and exterior views, completion and installation videos, system descriptions, user manuals and product sup­ port for the EC135, EC145 and EC130. The EC155 will be added to the Metro Aviation, Inc. iPad App and available in the near future. ◆

system. It is also the only com­ mercial digital audio product available hat can provide simul­ cast capability on 8 channels. Brett Gardner, Director of Sales and Marketing, said,

“Our DVCS6100 is well suited to Fairfax’s dual law enforce­ ment and EMS missions and our product will enhance and support their demanding oper­ ations.” ◆

Aviation Specialties Unlimited to Present Night Vision Awards at Heli Expo

Fairfax County Police Department takes delivery of First Multi-Mission Bell 429 with Becker Avionics’ DVCS6100 Airborne Digital Audio System

Fairfax County Police Department near Washington DC recently took delivery of the first of two new Bell 429 light­twin law enforcement/ EMS helicopters equipped with Becker Avionics Digital Audio System, the DVCS6100. Fairfax’s new 429 was com­ pleted and delivered by Paradigm Aerospace Corp./ PAC International in Mount

Pleasant, PA. Their second 429 is currently undergoing com­ pletion at PAC and will deliver early in 2012. The Becker DVCS6100 was chosen for both aircraft due to its unique ability to effectively manage and con­ trol all audio sources in the air­ craft. Becker’s Digital multi­ channel audio and intercom system, with its software con­ figurable profiles, provides the flexibility to specifically cus­ tomize the system to meet the demanding operational requirements of airborne Law Enforcement and Air Medical Transport organizations. The DVCS6100 provides crys­

tal­clear audio quality and man­ ages up to 8 transceivers, receivers, and several audio warning sources in one central


Aviation Specialties Unlimited, (ASU) will be presenting the first rounds of their second annual Night Vision Awards at Heli Expo in Dallas on Sunday, February 12. The event will take place in Hallway A Ballroom 2 from 5:30­6:30 p.m. Light refreshments and drinks will be served. The event is open to any Heli Expo attendee.

ASU will give awards for the following categories: • 5­year service award • 10­year service award • Community Awareness award

• Mark of Excellence award

The night vision awards were created to acknowledge companies that use night vision systems and further safety by using them.

“Last year we were able to recognize numerous industry

leading operations that helped pioneer the use of NVGs in law enforcement, air medical and search and rescue opera­ tions,” said ASU Founder and CEO Mike Atwood. “We are looking forward to acknowl­ edging the accomplishment of other operators using NVGs around the world in 2012.” In addition to the awards being given out at Heli­Expo, additional awards will be pre­ sented again at ALEA, and AMTC. Any flight operation using any Night Vision systems is eligible for nominations. Award nomination packets can be downloaded or filled out on ASU’s website. Please see the website listed below. Nominations are now being accepted for consideration at ALEA and AMTC. Nominees are asked to send unit photos, a brief bio, a story on how the NVGs were used to impact the saving of a life and permission to use these materials for pub­ lic relations to Scott Emerine at A full list of previous win­ ners and award description can be found on ASU’s web­ site. ◆ ROTORCRAFTPRO.COM

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