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they have traffic exposures that create risks. Attendants are vulnerable when opening and closing a lane/gate, walking between lanes and picking up dropped tickets. 7. Large vehicles may pose additional safety risks.

Instruct staff to watch for SUV and truck mirrors that could strike buildings, other vehicles, customers and/or staff when operating in tight places. 8. Even office workers come into contact with chemicals

and other potentially harmful substances. Provide hazard communication training annually and when newly intro- duced or substituted materials are communicated before staff uses them.

Parking Valets and Theft

Take preventive measures to protect your customers…and your business You most likely have at least heard of a valet service

having a vehicle stolen. How can you prevent it from hap- pening to you? The best way to avoid a theft is by following specific

preventive measures. The following suggestions will help you develop a preventive process: 1. Before hiring, perform background checks on your

potential employees. Take the precautionary steps to ensure that they are clear of any criminal background, and when possible, get references. Although background checks are only one step in the screening process, they can provide important information on whom not to hire. 2. Even non-registered criminals, when presented with

an opportunity, can find it difficult to resist the temptation of an expensive vehicle, particularly with many people strug- gling financially. Therefore, instruct your employees to fol- low a careful ticket procedure. Consider the valet ticket is the same as a car key. For example, what happens if your customer loses a

valet ticket inside the restaurant? Can someone else take it to the attendant, get into a vehicle and drive away? Unfortu- nately, in many cases, yes. Often, all that is needed to claim the vehicle is the valet ticket. This is a major flaw in the ticket procedure. Even in the

fast-paced hurried environment of a valet service, train your employees to obtain the customer’s name and write it on the ticket kept at the valet location. Obtaining the driver’s identity at the drop off, and vali-

dating it upon return, is as simple as jotting the customer’s last name on the back of the ticket and asking the driver’s name before handing over the keys. 3. Consider added theft prevention by recommending to

your customers that all remote controls, keys and items con- taining personal information be either removed or secured within the vehicle. There have been reported cases of robbery where the means of entrance was a combination of a home address on a letter and a garage door opener. These items, although normal to have in a vehicle, might prove a big problem for you down the road. How about prominently posting a sign at the valet sta-

tion suggesting to customers that personal items, such as mail, extra keys, garage openers, etc., be locked or secured before they hand over the vehicle to the valet.

Kathy Phillips, CIC, CPP, is First Vice President of Alliant Insurance Services. She can be reached at

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