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Parking Explodes on Facebook (Posted Feb. 3)

Charlie comments: on one entry on PT’s Facebook page (go to and click on the Facebook logo). Charlie, a parking manager, defends his posts and fends off a challenge by Wanda. Here is one that actually has Wanda noting that “Charlie has a point”: Charlie says:… There were two parts to the police officer analo-

gy. The “by the book” police officer and the “I will cut you a break” police officer. Neither ... one is more right/wrong than the other in any given situation. The fear of the by-the-book officer keeps people in line more than the other type, but you need the other type for com- munity relations. My officers are technically called Peace Officers. I take our rela-

tionship with the community very seriously. I work hard every day to educate people as to not only the rules but, more important,WHY we have these rules. That is, in my opinion, the single most impor- tant role of my job.

We can do lots of things to try to change the attitude toward PT BLOG

parking, but it is hard to balance the need to enforce without having the ability to flex some muscle every once in a while. I am not saying we need to do this often, but rules without penalties are not, by nature, rules; they are more like guidelines. I will try a different analogy. In my opinion, work ethics can be

broken out into two main groups. People who work not to get fired and people who work to get promoted. It’s the same principle: reward or punish. It is in everything we do. Not to break out into religion, but Wanda mentioned the Bible. This is a historically perfect example, and I am by no means an

expert, but 12 years of Catholic school did teach me something. The Bible basically teaches us, in a stunningly brilliant way, in two dis- tinct methods. For the people who need motivation by staying away from fear, there is the threat of hell. And for people who need positive motivation, there are the rewards of heaven. Now, I would like to see us, as an industry, understand WHY

people do things and what effects does the way we institute, manage, enforce have on people’s behavior. In what situations is it better to reward people and in what cases is it better to get them to do the right thing by instilling some level of fear of punishment? The reason I posted on the PT blog in the first place was not to

defend the officer, but rather to say to JVH that the history needs to be known in order to determine if the officer could – and I stress the word could – have done things differently. I would hope, and I try to teach, that my officers would have approached them to discuss options if there was no known bad history.

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