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that most women who are in that condition don’t need the spe- cial space. There doesn’t have to be a bureaucracy nor a set of laws. Just a sign. First of all, no man would want to be seen parking there.

Second, any woman who has been pregnant would not take that space if she weren’t. She knows what you are going through. Third, as I noted above, you aren’t going to stay any longer than necessary. It’s self-policing. Many shopping centers have these spaces. They work

great. People smile when they see the storks. All is right with the world. NewYork and Los Angeles and the rest of the cities that are

thinking about “free” parking for pregnant woman and passing ordinances and the like merely need to send nice letters to shop- ping centers recommending that they reserve a few spaces for women who are with child. I’ll bet that they will do it and will get a lot more business

because of it. Even people who aren’t pregnant or who will nev- er be pregnant will feel good about what the shopping centers are doing. You can’t see a pregnant woman without thinking positive thoughts. And that’s what busi- nesses want – people roaming around with positive thoughts as they come in to buy things.


Letter to the Editor

Speed up for Speed Bumps

Editor: This will comment on the Melissa Sterzick article

(Amateur Parker, February 2011) “Why I Love/Hate Speed Bumps.” While I agree with her “hate” sentiments, I find it difficult to understand why they should “slow her father down” in parking lots. In driving numerous rental cars, as well as my own, I (and others) have found that speeding up reduces the discomfort. In fact, I ran a series of tests on a speed bump in Naperville, IL, some years ago, from 15mph to 45 mph. The least discomfort was felt at 45!

Her dad is certainly wrong in using parking lots as

streets, but he must need new shocks on his car if slowing down over bumps is more comfortable than speeding up.

Very Truly Yours Paul C. Box Paul Box and Associates Traffic Engineering Consultants

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