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Frasca Built EC225 Full Flight Simulator Gets Dual Qualification

Frasca International, Urbana, IL is proud to announce that Bristow Academy, Aberdeen, Scotland has received dual qualification for their Frasca Built EC225 Full Flight Simulator (FFS). The EC225 FFS is the second certified helicopter device under JAA with both Level B FFS and Level III FTD approval. The first was Bristow’s S92 FFS, also built by

Frasca, qualified earlier this year.

The EC225 and S92 FFSs are being used at the Bristow Academy in Aberdeen to sup- port training requirement for Bristow’s global fleet of S92 and EC225 aircraft. Both units fea- ture 6 axis electric motion base, TruVision™ Global visual sys- tem with custom databases and wrap around display system. With these devices, Frasca demonstrates the ability as an industry leader in simulation, to provide cost effective, value added solutions to meet training

needs in a demanding environ- ment. This project involved thousands of man-hours of intensive research, gathering of aerodynamic system data, pro- gramming and manufacturing a high-fidelity replica of the cockpit. “We are confident that heli- copter industry leaders, such as Bristow, will be able to use sim- ilar devices to meet their train- ing needs in a cost-effective manner. This product demon- strates our ability to build such devices and provide a complete training solution for modern advanced helicopters in use around the world,” stated Mike Phillips, Senior Manager, Helicopter Business Development, Frasca International, Inc. "Frasca is an industry leader in flight simulation and has been able to obtain qualifica- tion for several flight training devices over the years," said John Frasca, VP Frasca International, Inc. "Our success in the helicopter market is in part due to our ability to collect our own simulator data pack- ages. Airframe manufactures are frequently not able or will- ing to offer simulation data packages. As result Frasca has invested and developed its own flight test capability. This allows us to offer turn-key simulation solutions at a very competitive price." ◆

Rainier Heli-International and K-MAX® Team For Unmatched Fire-fighting Capabilities

Rainier Heli-International, based in Kirkland, Wash., recently helped to contain a major wildfire in California’s Sequoia National Forest with a company-owned and operated Kaman K-MAX® cargo heli- copter. The blaze, named the Bull Fire after it began on July 26, consumed nearly 16,500 acres of national forest lands by the Kern River northeast of Bakersfield. The California Department of Forestry and Fire Prevention, known as CAL FIRE, assigned hundreds of ground-based fire fighters to the southern California area before the fire was contained in early August.

Rainier’s K-MAX®, flying under a U.S. Forest Service (USFS) contract from Kern Valley Airport, utilized its unique heavy lift capability and proprietary 700-gallon water tank and snorkeling system to drop hundreds of tons of water on the flames, assisting ground crews to contain the wildfire in about a week. According to Richard “Lash” Larew, Rainier’s execu- tive vice president, the compa- ny’s K-MAX®, currently based in Casitas, Calif., near Ventura, flies exclusively each year for the USFS from July to December, peak fire season in the western U.S. “We’re on call 24/7, and completed the equivalent of an average month of flight hours in a week on the California fire,” said Larew. “The USFS directs us to loca- tions to handle initial attacks,


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