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is expected in early fourth quar- ter.

Bell Helicopter Reduces Direct Operating Costs For The Proven Bell 407 Helicopter

Bell Helicopter, a Textron Inc. company, has significantly reduced direct operating costs for 407 operators by removing a series of life-limited parts in

and cost-effective mission solu- tion," said Danny Maldonado, senior vice president and chief service officer. "We recognize the importance of direct main- tenance costs to ensuring a prof- itable mission for our cus- tomers. Through this effort we are able to reduce the cost of operating and maintaining the

4) has been published on the website.

"At Bell we are on a mission

to make our customers success- ful. We are making every effort to ensure our aircraft remain competitive in the marketplace and that Bell operators are fully supported throughout the entire lifecycle of their aircraft," said Maldonado.

"This, combined with the

recently released power-plus STC, is one more example of Bell's continuing effort to add value to our customers' mission through increased performance and operational cost savings at no cost to them," said Larry D. Roberts, senior vice president commercial business.

its maintenance manual. As part of an ongoing effort

to reduce direct maintenance costs on the Bell 407, a team of engineers has reevaluated life limited items listed in

Maintenance Manual Chapter 4 to ensure operators are able to take full advantage of Bell products and more effectively operate their aircraft. "Bell Helicopters are used around the globe to perform noble missions, and it is our goal to provide our customers with the safest, most reliable


aircraft, without compromising safety."

Bell has removed 14 items from the life-limited section of the 407 Maintenance Manual. The removal of these items plus an adjustment to the on-condi- tion section will result in a reduction of more than 12 per- cent per flight hour to the pub- lished direct maintenance cost estimate, while maintaining the highest life level of stress mar- gin.

A revision to the Bell 407 Maintenance Manual (Chapter


Bell Helicopter added per- formance capabilities on the 407 at no additional cost to the customer with the 407 Plus Power Program. This is an STC that draws on excess power available from the 407's Rolls Royce 250-C47B engine allow- ing an increase of the 407's useful load by more than 400 pounds. Bell is pursuing further enhancements for this proven performer.

Earlier this year, Bell Helicopter and the 407 reached a milestone few others have achieved with the delivery of the 1,000th aircraft out of its Mirabel, Canada facility. That ship is finishing completion at Bell affiliate, Edwards & Associates; customer acceptance

Bell Helicopter Names New V.P., Commercial Programs

Bell Helicopter announced the appointment of Larry Thimmesch as vice president, Commercial Programs, respon- sible for the development of Bell's line of proven, reliable, commercial helicopters. "Bell Helicopter's commer- cial business is critical to the future growth our company," said Larry Roberts, Bell's senior vice president of Commercial Business. "This announcement is another demonstration of Bell's commitment to the com- mercial helicopter market. Larry

Beyond to address my ques- tions and requests. Everyone readily realized that their hard work and role in this project would potentially result in mak- ing the difference for someone needing critical and more than likely lifesaving care and prop- erty saving measures and this new aircraft will help to do just that. The family at MD is help- ing us to make a difference in our community.” ◆

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