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from submission) The remaining two “top contenders” for 2010 Jack Winternheimer, St. Mary’s Life

were Flight,

Evansville, Indiana, and Scot Deabs, Medstar Transport, Washington, DC.

Both Jack and Scot will receive

awards for “Outstanding Air Medical Pilots – 2010.” NEMSPA congratulates Earl, Jack and Scot for

their exceptional contributions to the air medical industry.

LOGO AND WEBSITE While we recognize that many of NEMSPA’s

traditions and much of its legacy should forever be etched in stone, we also believe that an occasional facelift is an important part of keeping up with these rapidly changing times. We’re very excited to announce the first and very important part of that makeover – our new logo. We’ve been receiving rave reviews over its simple, elegant, yet striking look, and we believe it represents the air medical pilot culture very well. We owe a very special thanks to Markus

Huettner for creating and refining this new NEMSPA trademark. Markus, who is an EMS pilot flying an AS350 for ARCH Air Medical Program (Air Methods) out of Farmington, Missouri, received his BS in marketing, with an emphasis on corporate identity and design. Not only has Markus designed our new logo, he has been working tirelessly with two of our board members, Michael Biasatti (flies a Bell 430 for Air Methods’ San Antonio Life Flight) and Stu Buckingham (line pilot and base manager for Air One, Pafford EMS in Ruston, LA) on a com- pletely new NEMSPA website, and we are all very anxious to see that website in place. Our objective is to create a site that you, as an air medical pilot, will want to visit on a daily basis.

So our ‘hats off’, and

many thanks to Markus Huettner, for playing a major role in bringing NEMSPA into the 21st century.

OPSPEC A021 SURVEY This survey, which was formed based upon a

recent forum hosted by NEMSPA, is intended to discover how well some of the new VFR related requirements of A021 OpSpec are really working. Stu Buckingham, who has overseen this project, is hoping to release preliminary data from the survey at AMTC this year. We are encouraging all helicopter air medical pilots to participate in this survey, which


NEMSPA has benefited immensely from the

expertise of one of its board members (and presi- dent-elect), Rex Alexander. Rex, who manages 21 bases for Omniflight, is considered an industry expert on helipad related issues. You can download his heli- pad related presentations, which include a design guideline and helipad risk assessment tool, from

The helipad risk assessment tool,

which is targeted to be available by mid October, is a spreadsheet based program that provides a safety checklist of critical and safety related helipad items. NEMSPA also offers helipad safety signs, which to our knowledge are the only commercially available signs that meet FAA and OSHA requirements. These signs, which can be ordered through the NEMSPA website, can be custom imprinted with your program and hospital information.

SAFETY Without a doubt, one of the better known and

widely respected icons in our industry is Ed MacDonald, a NEMSPA board member since 1993. Ed, who is considering retirement, has been very active in safety affairs for numerous years. He con- tinues to write the safety column for the Air Medical Journal and co-chairs the Air Medical Safety Advisory Council (AMSAC).

CAMTS Pat Williams, who flies an Agusta A109 and is

a base manager for REACH Air Medical Services, continues to act as NEMSPA’s representative on the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS).

Pat attends CAMTS board

meetings and works to ensure that the operational needs of pilots are appropriately addressed in the accreditation process.

Ron Fergie (Director of Operations for Portneuf Life Flight, Pocatello, Idaho,

NO PRESSURE INITIATIVE A number of our board members, including flying an Augusta A109

can be accessed at, and which clos- es on October 8, 2010.

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