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2010 is a great year to be a Jimi Hendrix fan. September marks the 40th anniversary of his death, yet he continues to release music. The first shot in a salvo of new releases came on March 9th with “Valleys Of Neptune”. The cd contains many songs we already know, but previously unreleased versions on them. It was a busy time for Hendrix- The Experience had released their third and final album, “Electric Ladyland”, and Jimi was recording tracks for a projected album tentatively called “First Rays Of The New Rising Sun”, a record that would not see release until decades after his death. In between the two, while searching for a new direction, the tracks that make up “Valleys Of Neptune” were recorded. With the impending release of a ‘new’ album by Hendrix, Sony Music, which now releases Jimi’s music via Experience Hendrix LLC, arranged for his sister Janie to give me a call.

I guess this is an exciting time for you…

Uh, yes it is. (laughs)

I know the press says you’re his step sister. Did you grow up in the same house?

He’s my brother, we have the same dad, and we’re actually 18 years apart.

Over the years there’s been some wrangling about his legacy. I take it that’s been settled, and the Experience Hendrix foundation is now looking after


were a couple of lawsuits. We had to get our rights back before we were Experience Hendrix, my father and I fought that lawsuit for two and a half years, and now we’ve been viable since ’95.

When were you aware of your brother’s fame? Did you just see the records one day, or how did that awareness happen for you?

(laughs)Actually, Jimi was heading off to London and he called us to say “I’m going to make it, they’re forming a band around me, I’m gonna use my last name ‘Hendrix’”. Before, he was using Jimmy James & The Blue Flames, James Maurice. He was going to change the spelling of his first name, which my dad thought was really cool.

He was in the studio constantly, wasn’t he? It’s almost as if he knew he only had a few years left, it ended

everything? Experience Hendrix LLC is a

corporation and yes,

I’m CEO and we oversee everything. There

up that he only had four years. He wrote and created over 110 songs in that four years, which is really amazing in itself. All 110 songs are amazing in their own right, and they’re his creations - his music, his lyrics. I’ve been around musicians, it takes them a year to do an album of a dozen songs, so for him to write so many songs in such a short period of time- he was definitely a genius.

I guess having his own studio helped...

Yep, but of course he had to be on the road (laughs) to pay for the studio! But whenever he could, he definitely was in the studio, or he would have his 4-track with him.

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