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Spotlight Glee Volume 3: The

Glee Volume 3 Soundtrack

Grace Potter & The

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals


Showstoppers Soundtrack (Sony) I’m addicted to this silly TV show about a high school glee club with big, cheesy production numbers. This latest soundtrack just KILLS. These are the most dramatic tunes from the second half of season one. Remember how you felt when the tubby chick belted out Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful” during the pep rally, or the scene

where Glee’s token homosexual character, sounding like a young Neil Sedaka, sang “A House Is Not A Home”? That’s the power of a good song well sung - sheer magic. Despite its Broadway feel, Glee takes big rock and pop songs from the past and recasts them, and therein lies the charm. Quirky characters aside, it’s the music that sells this show. KEY CUTS: titles already mentioned plus “Loser”, “Lady Is A Tramp”, “Hello, Goodbye”

Nocturnals (Hollywood) Even though it’s their third album, this five-piece, Vermont rock combo, mixes a classic Stones vibe with Tina Turneresque bravado and comes out sounding very comfortable in their own skin. “The whole thing was fluid and effortless” explains Potter. “In my mind, an album shouldn’t be self-titled unless it feels that way. With this record we feel

like we’re finally there.” Produced by Mark Batson (Dr. Dre, Eminem, Jay-Z, Dave Matthews Band), the record doesn’t sound nearly as slick or processed as such a pedigree would suggest. There’s a hint of late 60’s / early 70’s soul and trippiness to many of these tracks. Rock & roll is a sound as much as it’s an attitude - Grace Potter & The Nocturnals have that in spades. KEY CUTS: “Medicine”, “Low Road”, “Pairs (Ooh La La)”

The Oracle Godsmack (Universal) Here is ‘Smack’s’ first album in four years,

The Oracle Godsmack

another adroit combination of tunefulness and heaviosity. Early sales results indicate it may very well turn out to be their most successful yet. “The Oracle” cements my opinion. Led by the single “Cryin’ Like A Bitch” (reportedly about Nikki Sixx), this reminds me of Alice In Chains and perhaps Metallica, particularly Sully’s Hetfield-like vocals. Produced by Dave

Fortman (Mudvayne, Evanescence, Slipknot), this is a dense, hammering collection that oozes strength and a take-no-prisoners attitude. Godsmack will support The Oracle with a punishing road schedule and, should they be playing near you this year, I strongly urge the purchase of tickets. This is GREAT rock & roll. KEY CUTS: “Cryin’ Like A Bitch”, “Good Daye To Die”, “Love-Hate-Sex-Pain”

Nobody’s Daughter Hole (Universal) Was Hole’s first album in 12 years

Nobody’s Daughter Hole

worth waiting for? Oddly, yes. We’ve had big fun watching Courtney Love fall down and skin her knees repeatedly in public but the most tortured performers often make good records. “Skinny Little Bitch”, the first single, is a barnstormer that should be on every rock & roll radio station everywhere. Love is the only constant as three new

faces (drummer Stuart Fisher, multi-instrumentalist Micko Larkin, bassist Shawn Daily) helped craft a disc that is often sloppy in a Stones/ Marianne Faithful sort of way. Courtney Love scares the crap out of me; she’s full-on bat-shit crazy. Lucky for her, that translates into compelling rock & roll. KEY CUTS: “Skinny Little Bitch”, “Nobody’s Daughter”, “Letter To God”

The Night Before(EP) James (Universal)

The Night Before James

After ten studio albums, twenty UK Top 40 singles, and 12 million albums sold, it’s about time these guys had some fun. This seven song EP was constructed by the band putting up an ftp site to which they each contributed, downloading and updating their efforts at various intervals whilst producer Lee ‘Muddy’ Baker knocked things into shape. This densely produced pop music, vaguely U2-ish in intent with a touch of Coldplay, isn’t half bad. I admire the spirit of the thing more than anything. After a short tour, which will likely be over by the time you read this, James will hit the studio for five days, playing live together with an eye to catching something spontaneous. The resulting EP will be released in July as The Morning After. Curiosity will likely lead me down this path once again. KEY CUTS: “Crazy”, “Dr. Hellier”

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