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to me. Long live the gays! For the record, I can spot a tranny a mile away, which makes up for my lack of gaydar.

Awesome City Limits

I remember watching Austin City Limits on PBS as a teenager. Late Saturday night eagerly waiting to see who would be on, mainly because every so often someone cool would perform. It made enduring all that horrible country music prior to it all the more worth the wait. On a recent Saturday night I was pleased to see the re-airing of Pearl Jam’s recent performance on ACL which was then followed by an hour of Them Crooked Vultures. Much to my surprise I went looking online and found that on the ACL website there are episodes available for your viewing pleasure - great quality, full episodes and they’re free! Some of the talent includes: Dave Matthews Band, Ben Harper, Aimee Mann/Iron & Wine, Kings of Leon, Wilco, Arcade Fire, The Decemberists/Explosions in the Sky, etc. It’s such a great stage/venue even if you aren’t actually there for the live performance, go check it out: On the road again...

I went to see Ryan McMahon play at the Spiral Cafe in Victoria recently. The “new dad” glow looks good on him, and the room enjoyed him as they always do. He has some new songs that he was kind enough to let us preview in their musical infancy. I can tell already more good things are coming from Mr. McMahon, and not just funny fatherhood, poopy diaper stories either. I have said it all along, he is going places, and is destined for bigger and better things. He has been getting some great gigs of late, opening for Shane Yellowbird at the Port Theatre in Nanaimo and has more touring under his belt. He is out on the road again this summer so if you get a chance to see him in your town - GO - just because I said so. You will thank me.

What’s in a Name?

There is a woman in Utah having a hissy fit because The New Pornographers are coming to play in her town and the name of the band offends her. Do people seriously have nothing better to do than get upset over stuff like this? Especially when the band’s name is a direct reference to creepy televangelist Jimmy Swaggart calling rock & roll “the new pornography” back in the mid 80’s. Look around, there are at least 847 other immediate issues and causes far more urgent of awareness than the perceived notion of a band name. I would personally be more offended by Jimmy Swaggart. That man was a pathetic nuisance in his heyday, and we have him and Satan, apparently, to thank for his downfall (“downfall” is code for prostitutes in case you forgot). Gotta hand it to prostitutes, they’ve brought a lot of hypocrites out into the light of day.


Rest in peace Ronnie James Dio. The metal world is a lesser place without you.

I got schooled this weekend while out at a show. Was talking to the singer from Vancouver band, Freedom Ride, and he tried to “rock lock” me. Ummm wtf is that? This is some new fangled kid thing; I will let the Urban Dictionary explain it:

1. By making the “rock” hand signal, and screaming out “ROCK LOCK!!!111!!!!” one intertwines the opposite fingers and binds them with the other really f****n’ cool person’s hand.

2. Handshake-style greeting used by rockers. Also used to replace the high five as a rockin’ alternative.

That explains it right there. I am not cool. How could I know this common rocker hand gesture could take such a silly turn? Is this supposed to be High 5-ing without the stigma of performing a High 5? Because it’s just as lame as the nerdy High 5. The End.

Correction: Last issue I said Start with the Cobra’s new bass player was Michael Easton when it is in fact Matt Easton – sorry guys!

By Jennifer Conklin

Ronnie James Dio, Photo by Jay West Photography

Ronnie James Dio, Photo by Steve Appleford

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