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There is no question that a great label can go a long way to help you pick a wine. The View Winery and Vineyards fleet of wines all feature a striking image of a bottle being corked by a six inch red stiletto. So how did the shoe get on the bottle?

“We spent months tinkering back and forth,” says Jennifer Molgat, President of The View Winery and Vineyard and a level 2 Sommelier, “and we were all set. We had, we thought, a great label... Then, one evening while talking with a wine expert, this person outlined all the things that they disliked about current trends in wine labels, and the pitfalls of choosing the wrong label. We (The View Winery and Vineyard) had hit every point with our design. My husband Kent and I looked at each other. We realized we had just dug ourselves a pit, and were about to fall in. So, we went dancing. We danced until my red pumps started to pinch. We went home, finished off a bottle of Merlot. Kent playfully removed my shoes and stuffed the heel of one shoe into the empty bottle....I said, “I like that. Not THAT! I’m talking about the shoe!” The room fell silent.

There it was, an overturned glass beside it, an image of our own making. It spoke to us of our love of wine, and it was born by accident during a fun and carefree moment. We stopped, grabbed the camera and snapped a picture. We took it to Kelowna artist, Julia Tropps, and asked her if she could re-create it on canvas. Within weeks it was on our wine bottles for The View’s first release.

The View Winery and Vineyard works out of an old 1930s era apple packinghouse, located in South Kelowna. There is no formal tasting room as of yet, but call ahead and Jennifer will meet you there and pour some great wines for you to try. The 2008 Red Shoe Pinotage, winner of Best of Varietal Finalist in the Single Red Varietal Category, is fantastic, as is the 2009 Red Shoe Gewurtztraminer, awarded Best of Varietal Finalist in the Gewurztraminer category at the Spring Judging Competition, Okanagan Spring Wine Fest.

The shoe fits and The View Winery and Vineyard is wearing it! By Rich Rock

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