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My grandmother had a job cleaning the Lyric Theatre in Kitchener, Ontario where I grew up. A theatre that started in the 40’s with vaudeville shows and then moved completely to film when vaudeville died. She would take my brother and I there on Saturday mornings. We ran up and down the aisles, our shoes tacky from the dried pop on the floor and crunching on the stale popcorn under foot. The theatre had a sticky, sweet old smell and in the silence of that dark, cavernous room I could hear the echoes of a thousand gasps, laughs and tears. We got to keep any of the change we found, clean out the garbage cans in the camera room and run around back stage behind the massive screen. For a six-year-old it was heaven.

Film blends virtually all of the arts into an immersive experience. Beautiful still photography, actors as living sculptures, writing that draws us in, communicating to us with subtle nuance or explosive rage; and music, that without us even knowing why, can swing our emotions from spine tingling tension to relief in mere moments.

Film By Perry Mack

dead, dying or poor. They can tell us how many winners and how many losers. Math will give us the facts. But it is through film that we can truly experience the tragedies and triumphs of man and nature.

In a film, we can slip inside someone else’s mind and for a moment live their lives. And although we can’t fully experience it, we can be there and get close enough for it to affect us and challenge our paradigms. We don’t need to touch the flame to understand the pain it creates. We can experience it by seeing it in the actor’s eyes and hearing the agony in their voice.

In the theatre we can collectively live another life, share a history, be awed by another’s imagination. We go to the movies to be inspired, entertained or educated. The 2010 Okanagan International Film Festival gives us dozens of diverse reasons to celebrate the art that is film.

Heaven may be a place where we can all know and share the experiences of a thousand lifetimes, step up to the gate and get your ticket, you don’t have to be six years old.



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