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though, and you’ll find a surprising lack of detail on the specifics of the vinyl sound. Most can’t tell you exactly why it sounds so good. No doubt, the dedication it takes to acquire both the records and the equipment to enjoy them, plays a big, big part. But there is also a value-add element to new-release LP’s. Artists can package their releases in limited edition runs and include exclusive studio footage, photographs, lyrics and art. As a fan, you get that warm vinyl sound, but you also get a very rare piece of your favourite band. In a media-saturated world where all information is instantly transferable, having unreleased material, in your hand, is differentiation. Established artists who are able to combine that differentiation with the new distribution channels opened up by the digital rise, have reaped the benefits. Radiohead’s ‘pay-what-you-want’ album, In Rainbows, sold nearly 45,000 copies, becoming the number one selling vinyl LP in 2009. Trent Reznor sold 2500 limited edition packages of his four-part release, Ghosts, in less than a day. That netted him $750 000.

What does this mean for the thousands of newly independent musicians and record labels? Packaging vinyl with new releases requires an increased initial investment, but will demonstrably add value. Distributing music on vinyl is still fresh, and that novelty can help sell your music and lift you out of a sea of competition. A box of 7-inch singles can be sold at a live show. Those same singles can then be sent to everyone who contributes to the newest recording as a way of saying thank you, and again, tying fans and your artists closer together. Dap-Tone, home of Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings, is probably the best example of the successful, independent vinyl label. It’s founder, Gabriel Roth, took an obsession with authentic, retro soul and crafted his entire label around it. He uses analogue taping techniques to create a sound that can be truly experienced only on vinyl. Daptone promises fans who buy CD’s that their secret is safe, no one will need to know they cheated on vinyl.

It’s clear that if done right, there is profit in vinyl. In the last decade, sales have steadily increased and the numbers are starting to penetrate major label consciousness. Vinyl is a legitimate and effective distribution and marketing tool. So where are all the new records? The problem is production capacity. It is still practically non-existent where records are concerned. The last pressing plant in Canada closed down two years ago, and there are only fourteen small plants in the whole of the United States. Vinyl pressing equipment was last manufactured more than 30 years ago and is prohibitively expensive to acquire, set up, and maintain. That’s why new pressing plants, like Gotta Groove, are essential to the resurgence of vinyl. Unless new technologies are developed for cheaper manufacturing, the vinyl market will stay limited to those who wish to put up the extra expenses because they believe pressing their music on records is worth the investment.

By Miran Nevesinjac and Jacob Zeltserman for Nocturne Records. Photo by Josh Furey for Nocturne Records.

Nocturne Records is a locally owned and operated independent music record label launched in 2008 by Miran Nevesinjac and Josh Furey. For more details, check out

The Harvest....

Where Everyone Is Welcome. 1.800.257.8577 | 2725 KLO Road, Kelowna, BC V1W 4S1

Celebrating Together

August 13-15, 2010 Salmon Arm Fairgrounds

The Interior’s Most Anticipated Summer Music Event World, Folk, Alternative and

A Whole Lotta Blues Goin’ On!

Gord Downie & the Country of Miracles Joan Armatrading • K’NAAN

Martha Wainwright • Lil Ed & the Blues Imperials

Five Alarm Funk • Shane Koyczan & the Short Story Long Joe Louis Walker • Kinobe & Soul Beat Africa

Grupo Fantasma • Watermelon Slim & the Workers Fred Penner • the Kerplunks and more!!

Tickets/Camping/Info: (250) 833-4096 or


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