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32 JULY-AUGUST -10 I Thinking SomEthing? Want to be Heard? GONZOMAGAZINE.Com

From widows to pariahs, from the city to the road, from offensive names to urban definitions, here’s what’s happening...

Crazy Rock Widow weird and I fear if she

I know I will take a lot of flack for this but I gotta say it out loud – the new Hole album really doesn’t suck. I admit Courtney Love is my favourite train wreck of all time, I typically can’t wait to hear what stupid shit she is up to; she boggles the sensible mind! Example being, have you seen her face lately? She really mucked it up, it looks goes under the knife again she

will end up looking like the Dead or Alive singer Pete Burns (Google that, I dare you!) or that crazy cat face woman. All of that aside, the album Nobody’s Daughter, is fairly solid. The 1st single “Skinny Little Bitch”, is catchy and has balls. I have seen her perform it a few times on various shows and she is in fine form. On Jimmy Kimmel the other night she was even coherent while being interviewed. It was... strangely interesting. She claims she’s totally clean. Now I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck so I’m not buying into that claim of sobriety, she is however behaving herself to some degree, that much is obvious. Thing is, I want to see Courtney do well. I want her to succeed with merit and not just media hype, but I fear she is her own worst enemy in that department. As her album was being released she chose to retell an old story on the Howard Stern Show, something about how she and Gavin Rossdale (Bush vocalist and married to Gwen Stefani) were once an ’item’ while he was dating Gwen. Ok, 1st off - name dropping is tired and pathetic and 2nd - that was an eon ago and it impresses no one to know who you are/were humping, or to hear you regurgitate the details to shame the people

involved in order to get some press. Just don’t suck, and be an artist with some integrity and get press that way. F**k, do I need to school everyone on how to not be a dirt bag?

Long Live the Gays!

I have not changed my stance on American Idol or my opinion of how lame it is so I wish people would stop asking me if I watched the last episode. I seriously get asked this by someone EVERY WEEK! I don’t care that such-and-such a sucky loser got booted off and that he was soooo much better than so-and-so who made it to the next round, all dramatic and epic, like it matters or something. The only good thing to come out (Get it? Come out!) of American Idol is Clay Aiken because he is just fun to make fun of and I don’t even know why really.

Speaking of coming out, Ricky Martin is gay, what a revelation! Why does anyone care if Ricky Martin is gay? Seriously. No one is shocked by this lacklustre media epiphany but I am surprised at how newsworthy that apparently was. I’m not sure why it matters when anyone is gay. I am ok with gay. Gay is good. Gay is joyful and triumphant! I admit when I heard Rob Halford (Judas Priest) was gay I was beside myself with shock, mainly because I have terrible gaydar and was completely unaware. I am painfully oblivious to that sort of thing mainly because it matters so little to me that I don’t really notice it. I do find that, at times, a person being gay often makes them seem a little more interesting to me though. Why? Because people who are social pariahs, regardless of so-called modern progress and certain people/groups becoming more accepting of all things “different”, are still subject to prejudices, subtle and not so subtle, that makes living in this world more challenging at times. They are faced with things us boring straight folk cannot comprehend, thus they have experienced things I have not, which makes them interesting

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