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Bicycle Dreams He Said - Graham Epp

Bicycle dreams, the first feature documentary by filmmaker Stephen Auerbach, is focused on a 3,000 mile race across America, from the Pacific to the Atlantic. The fantastic story of these brave men and women who push their body, mind and soul for very little recognition and great personal satisfaction is incredibly intense and well put together.

The Beast of Bottomless Lake She Said - Melissa MacDougall

Let me preface this by saying that I’m typically one who enjoys meatier films rather than the cheeky, campy types, but The Beast of Bottomless Lake (directed by Craig March) surprised me - caught me off guard, even.

Chalk full of intrigue, oddity and sub-stories, The Beast of Bottomless Lake features a diverse character line-up (David Nykl, Leanne Jijian-Hume, Bronwen Smith, Roger Haskett, Fabrice Glover and Robert Heimbecker… just to name a few), creating a quirky result that boasts some serious substance. Shot as a documentary-within-a-feature, the excellence of this film is in the bizarre nature of the cast as a whole.

Though certainly worthy of a few laughs (which is nearly impossible to get out of me), The Beast left me fixated on the deeper meaning of the hunt for Ogopogo. And, films that render me fixated are ones worth watching again.

He Said - Tavis MacDougall

Being a local Okanagan resident, I was prepared to see the mockery The Beast of Bottomless Lake was about to make of our legendary creature, Ogopogo. What I didn’t expect was to be impressed by the comedic jabs and well- mannered preservation that becomes evident throughout.

Though definitely campy, it’s the type of brilliance that can make even the biggest cynic laugh out loud at the comedy of errors that unfold in each frame. Supported by a cast of remarkable actors, each toting a battery of satirical lines to draw from The Beast of Bottomless Lake creates a sequence of absolute hysteria. The true meaning comes through loud and clear, though not until the final scenes do we realize the depth that this film undertakes.

The setting and cinematography are both visually impressive, and the theme brings into perspective what someone can achieve with will power and personal drive. More than just another documentary, this is a personal journey for the viewer as much as for the participants on the screen – a must see for everyone, cyclist or not.

She Said - Zenta Epp

This film is about endurance sport; men and women who ride across the US in attempt to cover 3,000 miles in less than 12 days. It’s an event known as Race Across America. As a woman whose endurance is tested by laps at the supermarket, I was amazed at the lengths to which these athletes push their bodies for the sense of accomplishment. With a 48% dropout rate, crossing the finish line in Atlantic City is a feat in itself. It becomes apparent in this film that the race is a personal journey that requires more mental stamina than physical.

The competitors are diverse in their backgrounds.They are doctors and veterinarians, music teachers and sports physiotherapists. Each battle pain, fear, and dehydration in an attempt to realize their dream. From the awe-inspiring scenery of the Mojave Desert to the unabashed emotion in the face of tragedy, Stephen Auerbach captivated my heart. I have already paid a visit to the RAAM website to see who is participating this year and my husband and I will be adding this film to our home library.

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