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Seek Joy Strength and Love among the Tree Spirits

By Joan Klostermann-Ketels

If you go to the woods today or take a walk around the park, every now and then just pause, take a breath, and welcome in the tree spirits. They are all around you. Some may have been right in front of you all the time, but maybe you didn’t notice. Tree spirits are coy and playful, mysterious and bold, and frequently invisible until you are ready for them. They seem to know when that happens -- and they reveal themselves in good time. I’ve allowed them to find me, and it has changed my life. Now, tree spirit walks are part of my every day routine. Walk with me and feel the healing power of trees…

I walk a three mile trail around the lake where we live nearly every day. I have done this for many years. It wasn’t until recently however that I walked up a small hill, turned a corner and spotted “Joyous” out of the corner of my eye. He was high on top of the next hill. The tip of his hat was shining in the sunlight and just happened to catch my eye so I stood on my tiptoes and there he was – mouth open singing at the top of his voice – “Halleluiah!” As I stood there staring at my new friend, I couldn’t help feeling his joy and it seeped into me like I was a thirsty plant being watered after weeks of wait- ing. The con- nection was incredibly pow- erful and I stood there for quite some time. I marked the spot in my mind so I could greet him again from that day on.


“Formidable” is one of my favorite tree spirits because it literally stopped me in my tracks when I saw it the first time. I was visiting a cemetery when I saw Formidable. As I looked up at this giant tree I saw a woman stand- ing strong, arms outstretched with a child on her back. Upon closer examination it was clear that she had


had a mastec- tomy because of the scar on her right breast. She was stand- ing strong in the middle of this cemetery saying “I beat cancer!” As a breast cancer survi- vor and having lost a sister to the disease, this tree spoke loud and clear to me that day. Every time I look at the picture I feel her strength and thank her.

My husband and I frequently walk the trails around the lake together. Many years ago we began pointing out tree spirits to each other and it became something we both look forward to each day. I have told him many times that when I leave this life I want to come back as a tree. His comment back to me has always been the same. He insists I need to let him know where I am planted so he can grow next to me. When we saw “Loving” on a spring walk one morning we knew that one day, that would be us.


We have all experienced the discovery of an inspira- tional quote that seems to show up at exactly the right time. More than anything, it’s that we are allowing ourselves to absorb its meaning for the first time. Tree spirits are always there for us if we are receptive. Tree shapes depict the entire range of human emotions. It’s as if they know exactly what we’re going through and want to let us know that it’s all right. Relax, let them in, and enjoy the tree spirits. You will find the ones who are seeking you. They will reveal themselves, all in good time.


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