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1017 University Ave. 619.297.2056
#1 FiFth Ave. This video bar is a perfect place to stop for drinks with
3845 5th Ave. 619.299.1911 friends. Music videos and funny clips keep the at-
This Hillcrest hangout is a perennial favorite among tractive crowd busy. There’s a small patio area with
locals and boasts a great outdoor patio with large tables out front so you can watch the boys go by.
video screens, pool tables, dart boards and video
games .It’s a great spot to meet friends - new and CLUB SpiN
old. Als o, it is now under new ow ner ship. 2028 Hanco c k St. 619. 29 4.959 0
Saturday nights are a hit again in San Diego! This is
BACChUS hOUSe where you will find the boys—serious nightclub-
3054 University Ave. 619.299.2032 bing...not so serious attitude. Three floors of fun.
This North Park hot spot offers two bars, a dance San Diego’s largest dance club.
floor and pool tables. Wednesday is Latin night and
usually draws a good crowd. NUMBeRS
3811 Park Blvd. 619.294.9005
BOURBON StReet Here you’ll find different kinds of music from hip-hop
4612 Park Blvd. 619.291.0173 to traditional dance/disco. There are two areas: one
This University Heights hang out is usually packed. is a video bar, the other is the main dance floor.
There are a number of small connected buildings
and patios with a different bar and atmosphere in peCS SRO LOUNGe tOp OF the pARK
each area. Video monitors show eye candy. 2046 University Ave. 619.296.0889 1807 5th Ave. 619.232.1886 525 Spruce St. 619.291.0999
Just open the door at the “we’re open” sign and find a SRO Lounge is a unique and stimulating place The penthouse bar of this hotel, which is adjacent
CALiph LOUNGe packed “cruise bar”. Pecs bills themselves as a leather/ to mix with crowd of guys, gals, cross-dressers, to Balboa Park, offers a spectacular view of the park
3100 5th Ave. 619.298.9495 Levis/bear bar, but you’ll find all types enjoying the transgendered folks. and harbor. It has a very popular social scene on
This friendly piano and karaoke bar attracts a mature juke box music and the outdoor patio bar. Friday evenings from 5 to 10 p.m.
crowd for the most part and offers entertainment the BRASS RAiL
each night at 9 p.m. A younger crowd is usually on ReDwiNG BAR & GRiLL 3796 Fifth Ave. 619.298.2233 U-31 LOUNGe AND BAR
hand for karaoke nights. 4012 30th St. 619.281.8700 The Brass Rail is a fun dance bar (recently remodeled
3112 University Ave. 619.584.4188As one of the new-
Join in on the excitement at North Park’s oldest to include table service) with themed nights. The
est endeavors to amp up the it-factor in North Park,
CheeRS bar. A recent remodel has attracted a fun and lively new Element party on Fridays draws a large crowd
U-31 looks to continue the trend of catering to all
1839 Adams Ave. 619.298.3269 crowd that enjoys nightly drink specials along with and Saturday is Sabado en Fuego.
crowds and offering a new kind of experience to each.
This University Height’s bar is a great place to meet pool, darts and karaoke.
new people, play pool, watch sporting events or the hOLe URBAN MO’S
just hang out with friends. It is also a friendly and RiCh’S SAN DieGO 2820 Lytton St. 619.226.9019 308 University Ave. 619.491.0400
uplifting place to enjoy the nightly drink specials 1051 University Ave. 619.295.2195 A friendly neighborhood crowd with a leather/ Urban Mo’s offers a cheery atmosphere with differ-
with neighborhood locals. Rich’s is San Diego’s oldest and most popular dance Levi twist. Sunday afternoons are for the “Indoor/ ent music each night of the week. Saturdays are the
club. On weekends you’ll find a large crowd dancing Outdoor BBQ Beerbust.” Also, enjoy the contestants best-known night of the week here with country/
CLUB FUSiON/ extASiS to the house and dance remix fare. Saturday nights in Monday night’s “Wet ‘n Wilder” underwear western music and line dancing. The crowd here is
Walk Across the USA Border offer a different theme each week. contest. all about fun and is a great mix of men and women .
Right across the border is this Tijuana hot spot for
gay entertainment. Club Fusion is a modern, festive SAN DieGO eAGLe the LOFt
dance club which features strippers, drag shows, and 3040 North Park Way 619.295.8072 3610 5th Ave. 619.296.6407
back rooms. The Eagle is San Diego’s only leather bar and is Since 1978 the Loft has refreshed a large cross-
located in a great small space tucked away on a dark section of local gay patrons — as well as the many
FL AMe ULtR A LOUNGe street in a North Park neighborhood. The staff here is out-of-towners that San Diego attracts.
3780 Park Blvd. 619.795-8578 incredibly friendly.
Newly remodeled, new ownership, live entertain-
ment, dance floor and live DJ.
MARCH 2010 | RAGE monthly 63
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