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A Weekend with Pablo Picasso
Distinguished actor-writer Herbert Siguenza of Culture Clash fame was first a
visual artist. Who better to bring his writing, acting and visual art skills to a one-
man tour de force that invites the audience into Picasso’s private studio for an
intimate and revealing weekend?
Picasso was the first rock star artist. His controversial and flamboyant opinions
and creations gripped the public imagination and forever changed 20th century
art. Siguenza will share both the art of Picasso and his proclamations about ambi-
The Pirates of Penzance
tion, destruction, creativity, God, love, hate, beauty, patriotism, eternity and art
The Welk Theatre “be requestin’ your presence at the swashbucklin’ musi-
as an agent of social change. Siguenza will sing, clown, paint, dance, draw, sculpt
cal happenin’ written by a couple of landlubbers goin’ by the names of W.S.
and impersonate in this NEW workshop production. Come inside not only Pica-
Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan.” Yes, it’s the ever-classic, always fun Pirates of
sso’s “Le Californie” art studio on the coast of France; but inside the creative mind
Penzance. The two act, comic opera officially premiered at the Fifth Avenue
and work of one of the most inspiring artists of modern history.
Theatre in New York City on 31 December 1879 and has certainly stood the
A Weekend with Pablo Picasso runs March 21 – April 21 at the San Diego Reperatory Theatre. For
test of time. The story concerns Frederic, who, having completed his 21st
tickets and more information call 619.544.1000.
year, is released from his apprenticeship to a band of tenderhearted pirates.
He meets Mabel, the daughter of Major-General Stanley, and the two young
people fall instantly in love. From there the plot thickens. Pirates was the
fifth Gilbert and Sullivan collaboration and introduced the much-parodied
“Major-General’s Song.” It has been refreshed with several modernized
productions, including Joseph Papp’s 1981 production on Broadway,
which won the Tony Award for Best Revival and the Drama Desk Award for
Outstanding Musical.
The Pirates of Penzance runs March 11 – May 2 at the Laurence Welk Theatre. For tickets and
more information call 1.888.802.7469.
The 2009 Tony Award winner
Sweeney Todd
for Best Revival of a play is land-
Stephen Sondheim, who brought us A Little Night Music and Into the
ing in San Diego this month.
Woods composed the music and lyrics for this chilling, suspenseful, heart-
Originally a French play, Boeing-
pounding masterpiece of murderous barber-ism and culinary crime.
Boeing debuted in London in
Sweeney Tood is a mix of macabre, visceral drama and howlingly funny, but
1962 and ran for an astonishing
very dark humor. The setting is 19th century London and a barber partners
seven years and became the
with the proprietress of the pie shop downstairs, Mrs. Lovett. Together they
most performed French play in
have people lining up for meat pies!
the world according to Guin-
With his masterful vision and story-telling lyrics, Soundheim’s 1979
ness World Records. But despite
Sweeny Todd is based on the 1973 play by Chistopher Bond. Soundheim
being from France, the show is
reinvents title character, Sweeney as a more complex, tragic character
a classic British, door-slamming, eye-winking sex farce about an architect in Paris,
driven by revenge rather than greed. Anyone who saw the 2009 film ad-
who thinks he can easily juggle his three flight attendant fiancées. But his life hits
aptation starring Johnny Depp, knows this show is a clever mix of intrigue
some unexpected turbulence when an old friend arrives and his three fiancées
and disgust—voyeurism at its best. Highlights include wonderful musical
each change their flight schedules. Rob Howell’s Tony-nominated costumes and
numbers like “Johanna” and “Not While I’m Around”.
set design will be featured in this production at The Old Globe.
Sweeney Todd runs March 27 – April 25 at the Cygnet’s Theatre in Old Town. For tickets
Boeing-Boeing runs March 13 - April 18 at The Old Globe Theatre. For tickets and more information
and more information call 619.337.1525. Join The Rage Monthly for Cygnet’s first “Out at
call 619.234.5623.
Cygnet” on April 14.
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