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A-LISTS theatre by lance perkins
You Have to Love
LegaLLy BLonde, The MusicaL
an interview witH
Becky Gulsvig has been on tour since last year for her
latest Broadway show, Legally Blonde, The Musical.
Growing up in Minnesota and moving to New York
right after high school, Becky started auditioning and
taking classes at a very young age. Becky elaborates,
“I grew up singing in church and school and I’ve just
always had music around me. There was also a great
married couple in my hometown that started a dance
studio where I danced growing up. I’ve just had a great
time with it and grew up loving it. I think that’s the big-
gest thing with this business. You have to love it!”
Gulsvig has lived in New York for nine years now and made her Broadway début audience on a journey, from point A to point Z and Elle Woods goes on such a
as Amber Von Tussle in Hairspray. Becky says, “I was in that for two years. It was personal journey herself. It’s just so much fun to do the whole thing.”
amazing. Such a great film, such a fun thing to make a Broadway debut in. It was Legally Blonde: The Search for Elle Woods, was a MTV reality show from where
awesome.” Soon after Hairspray, Gulsvig was cast in the original Legally Blonde, runner-ups Rhiannon Hansen and Lauren Ashley Zakrin now get to join the cast
The Musical as its main character, Elle Woods, and the musical has captured a on the tour. Becky explains, “They’re really great girls, they are my understudies,
huge gay following. Becky says, “Of course it has! It’s pink and fabulous, sparkly they’re terrific.” Understudies definitely came in handy when in January of last year,
and awesome! But I think Elle’s a very relatable character for anyone. She follows Becky’s lead role was alternated by Laura Bell Bundy and Zakrin due to an injury
her dreams, kicks stereotypes and has to work her way out of it. We’ve had a lot of suffered by Gulsvig. “Ya, I broke my big toe! I was out of the show for six weeks on
the gay audience come and just love it.” Gulsvig relates to Elle Woods character crutches. But it’s better now, so that’s good. It’s high heels for two and a half hours
herself. ” I think being in this business alone will make you relate to Elle Woods. straight. And not dance shoes, they’re like very high heels with different shoes
You definitely always have to stick up for yourself and fight for what you want. every week. So my body takes a beating. I try to get a lot of rest and take extra good
Stay true to yourself and keep believing! I think that’s very relatable.” care—not over do it. The physicality of it can be really challenging. Doing it eight
Director/Choreographer, Jerry Mitchell received a 2007 Tony nomination for times a week, traveling on your day off. Not being able to really get in a pattern or a
the musical adaptation of the movie and takes it to a new level of fun. Becky adds, routine.” Last but not least, of course, the biggest stars of the show are Chihuahua,
“They did a great job, you definitely get all the things that were in the movie that Bruiser (played by Frankie) and Rufus, a white bulldog (played by Nellie). Becky
you loved but you also get more. That’s why it’s been such a success—because explains, “We travel with four dogs and they’re all rescue dogs. Having the dogs on
people have a really good time and you get to see the character you love but you stage, you always have to be careful of the treats. We’ve had times that if you spill
also get to see more of them. You see more of Paulette, the beautician, you see the chicken, the dog is very distracted and they miss the barking cue that is in a
more of the elements of relationships, which is terrific and of course the element little dish. It keeps it real for ya...when you have to pick up dog food and then sing
of song and dance. Laurence O’Keefe and Nell Benjamin have written incredibly your song. But we have been relatively hazard free which has been nice.”
catchy tunes, which will not leave your head, guaranteed. Jerry Mitchell just did
a wonderful job of creating a joy machine. It takes off and you just have so much Legally Blonde, The Musical runs Tuesday, March 30 through Sunday, April 4 at the San Diego Civic
fun. It’s really a great time. I get to be on stage the whole time. I get to take the Theatre. To purchase tickets, phone the Civic Theatre ticket office at 619. 570.1100.
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