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rage notes
PublisHeR Jay S. Jones
AssoCiAte PublisHeR Brad Hart
editoR-in-CHief Bill Biss
oC/lA editoR Lance Perkins
ARt diReCtoR Cesar A. Reyes
AssoCiAte editoR David Vera
CoPy editoR Sandra Hemming
distRibution Pride in Media 562.686.5820
Hit tHat Perfect Beat, Boy!
AdveRtise witH us
“The music goes round and around and it comes out here!” Step right up ladies and gentlemen as ACCount eXeCutive
The Rage Monthly welcomes March in like a lion for our very first all-music issue. March is in motion
Heather McDonald
with a wide variety of new and international artists who are ready to entertain you. Let us introduce
you first to VV Brown. Her debut release titled Traveling Like the Light is a rollercoaster of upbeat sounds
Jared Cox
and her distinctive style is quite simply out of the box. VV Brown turns you on to her talent and model
nAtionAl AdveRtising ReP
beauty on page 26. The name of Little Boots may ring a bell to some of you as her first CD came out
Rivendell Media 212.242.6863
in the U.K. last year. Making its American debut, Hands is a techno romp of sounds and her voice will
have you wondering if she is fast on the heels of becoming the next Kylie Minogue for a new genera- ContRibuting wRiteRs
tion. The Rage Monthly caught up with Little Boots just before she began her first American tour. She
Martin Alonzo, Jeff Chandler, Vera Divine,
believes in the future of music and shares her excitement, thoughts and vision on page 36. Are you in
Terry Earnest, Peter Galvin, Brad Hart, Dr.
the mood for country music? Someone who knows the ropes of singing and two-stepping is Laura Bell
Joel, Lisa Lipsey, Angelica Osborne, Tim
Parks, Tony Reverditto, Marcellas Reynolds,
Bundy. Laura has already made her mark in the spotlight of Broadway with her starring roles in Legally
Joesph Schmitt, Gregory Swim, Daisy Torres
Blonde and Wicked, now she sets her sights on the country music world with her soon-to-be released
and David Vera
CD called Achin’ and Shakin’. The CD explores both sides of love so to speak…let Laura explain on page
40. Who is that nice looking guy on the cover? His name is Billy Dortch and he is breaking and entering
on the music scene right now. Billy was gracious enough to shoot a fashion spread with us to go with
ContRibuting PHotogRAPHeRs
his interview, which lands him on page 30. His songwriting/singing and sex appeal add up to a strong
Beth Biggs, Dennis Covey, Jay Jones
focus of rock and pop music. The Rage Monthly turns from the spotlights in this issue to a couple more
subsCRiPtions – One year (12 issues): $35.00
music-related items not to be missed. Tegan and Sara are on the road right now touring to promote Direct all editorial and subscription orders to our
their newest CD called Sainthood. Sara was an absolute joy to speak with and she shares her thoughts
office or website.
on the new work and writing with her twin sister Tegan on page 18. Also for those who are familiar
the Rage Monthly
with the upcoming musical bio of The Runaways based on the career of Joan Jett and Cherie Currie, we
3314 4th Avenue
go right to the source by speaking with the “Neon Angel” herself, Cherie Currie on page 16. Whether
San Diego, CA 92103
it’s punk, rock, pop, indie, country or retro-chic, The Rage Monthly is aiming to hit the right notes in Phone 619.255.0389
presenting the next chart-toppers of innovative and fresh music to your ears.
Fax 800.398.0962
Or contact us on the Web
Bill Biss
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4 RAGE monthly | MARCH 2010
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