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sadly, many exercisers/athletes will passively tion and timing compared to someone laying on a exercise routine, but is seemingly incorporated first
stretch or not stretch at all, unintentionally setting bench, fully supported, pushing weight in one plane in various unreliable exercise programs.
themselves up for injuries and performance inhibi- of motion (up and down). Many physical fitness trainers, instructors, group
tions that are completely avoidable. Human bodies are dynamic and machines are not. exercise programs/classes, exercisers etc. will start
lifestyle factors aside from exercising create inflex- We live, survive and thrive in a dynamic world reli- off their training here! BiG MisTAKe! They attempt to
ibility. As mentioned in my previous articles; many ant on our own stabilization so what purpose does perform explosive movements and tempos that they
occupations today require prolonged sitting. This training on a machine that requires very little to no lack the knowledge and ability to perform correctly.
is extremely dysfunctional in itself and is as equally stabilization have? none.
destructive as overuse of muscles. Training for what you are not physically or mentally
sretching is a universal necessity whether you are Strength ready for at any time only develops faulty, incorrect
a professional athlete or desk jockey, and no one is it’s time to add resistance to create strength. What dangerous movement patterns and techniques that
exempt. it is the very foundation. type of strength do you want to create? do you want will be hardwired into the brain and be even harder to
the strength to push an object off your back lying on correct later. our human brain is very impressionable;
Stability the ground (bench press, irrelevant) or do you want giving it the ability to learn correctly or incorrectly.
After the establishment of a foundation (flexibility) the strength to push yourself and other objects with it is like a computer, so to speak; junk information in
the body is better suited to move unrestricted. The high neuromuscular control that’s relevant to the means junk information out. Avoid the anguish of
goal is to achieve dynamic, functional and relevant real world (gymnast)? poor and improper mechanics, muscle imbalance,
strength and avoid poor neural (brain) input, muscle There are many ways to achieve this with a pro- poor learning patterns and injury; start your body
imbalances and injury created from poor flexibil- gram design developed correctly with this intention. with a strong foundation and build from that to
ity and stability. For this reason dynamic strength is Program design is a very involved topic separate achieve your physical and mental success! enjoy.
developed after stability. There are obviously many of this article. My advice is to start off by becoming
different levels to any one person’s ability to stabilize. efficient at pushing, pulling and rotating your own
For example our gymnast must have exquisite body weight and build off that. Think Tarzan.
neuromuscular control (the brain, nervous system, Martin Alonzo owns a private training studio called Perfor-
and muscular system working in unison with fine Power mance Training Center on 4th Ave. in Hillcrest. He is a CHEK
control and precision) to combine flexibility, stability, The final piece of our physical fitness pyramid is Institute-trained professional and can be contacted via the
strength and power, with ultra awareness, coordina- power. This may not be a necessary part of everyone’s web at or direct at 619.206.4577.
MARCH 2010 | RAGE monthly 47
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