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A-LISTS film by tim parks
March is primarily associated with St. Patrick’s Day, when green is the “it” color to sport on the 17th. It also marks the auspicious occasion when Julius Caesar
was assassinated in 44 B.C., which brought the term the Ides of March into our lexicon, courtesy of William Shakespeare’s play about the downfall of the Roman
Emperor. So, whether the films that are coming out in the third month of the year rake in the magical shade of St. Patrick’s favorite color in the form of dollar bills, or
die as painful a death as Caesar did remains to be seen.
Here are a few of the celluloid offerings awaiting you at your local Cineplex…
Off with their heads, on with their 3-D glasses
March 5 is a very important date, cinematically speaking, as it will finally settle
the question of what will it look like when filmmaker Tim Burton gets his (scissor)
hands on the Lewis Carroll classic Alice In Wonderland, and leads viewers done
the rabbit hole in 3-D? The follow-up will also undoubtedly bring up that pesky
“Who wore it better?” question, in relation to Johnny Deep as The Mad Hatter or
Boy George during his heyday in Culture Club. Regardless, the-now-19-year-old
titular character (Mia Wasikowska) takes another plunge into the magical land,
after spying the White Rabbit at her engagement party.
Once again among the fantastic, she transforms into a more empowered ver-
sion of herself in a quest to defeat the Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter).
She also crosses paths with a true assortment of characters in the form of the
aforementioned hare and hatter (Michael Sheen and Depp, respectively), the
White Queen (Anne Hathaway), the Cheshire Cat (Stephen Fry), the Caterpillar
(Alan Rickman), and Little Britain star Matt Lucas playing both Tweedledee and
Oh, the drama!
Happy Tears, which is in theaters now, stars Demi Moore and Parker Posey
as siblings who unite to care for their aging father (Rip Torn). Hopefully, art
didn’t imitate life for these actresses on-set, given Torn’s recent alcohol-fueled
arrests—talk about being a handful! Jayne (Posey) and Laura (Moore) return
to their childhood domicile, which houses childhood memories that each
would prefer to keep locked in the basement of space and time. The different-
as-night-and-day sisters are at odds over which course to take with their
parent, while they navigate the crossroads they find themselves standing at
in their own lives.
The Runaways explores both the rise-and-fall aspect of the world of rock ’n
roll and the trailblazing all-female band, which was initially fronted by Cherie
Currie (Dakota Fanning), whose memoir Neon Angel serves as the basis for this
biopic. Currie and her hard rockin’ teen-aged band mates Joan Jett (Kristin
Stewart), Lita Ford (Scout Taylor-Compton) and Sandy West (Stella Maeve)
encounter success with their first single “Cherry Bomb.” They also fall under
the puppet master-like influence of their manager, Kim Fowley (Michael
Shannon), and experience the disintegration of their “jailbait rock” group.
Bassist Jackie Fox is not featured as a character in the movie. She actually had a
lawsuit filed against her by Jett, who serves as the film’s producer, for attempt-
ing to block the March 19 release from being made. WTF? title of the year
One has to wonder if Hot Tub Time Machine star John Cusack felt as though his
Julianne Moore enlists the services of prostitute Chloe (Amanda Seyfried) resume, which began with teen comedy roles in the ’80s, was lacking a Back to the
to see if screen hubby Liam Neeson is cheating on her on March 26. Moore’s Future-type credit—or if he simply lost a bet. Audiences will find out on March 26,
Catherine character should have opted for a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” approach if slipping into a ski resort hot tub has the same type of comedic kick as getting a
to her marital woes, as the working girl winds up giving her an around-the- tricked-out time traveling DeLorean up to 88 miles per hour to go back in time.
world con job about his faithfulness. Director Atom Egoyan’s remake of A group of disillusioned grown-up friends, including co-stars Rob Corddry,
French thriller Nathalie features Seyfried’s second stroll down Sapphic Lane. Craig Robinson and Clark Duke, emerges from a night of partying to discover they
After locking lips with Megan Fox in Jennifer’s Body, the Mamma Mia! actress have woken up in the year 1986. Naturally, the group seizes the opportunity to
reportedly shares some quality screen time with her new co-star. alter their futures by dipping their toes back into their pasts.
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