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WINTER RUNNING - Sports Retail
Sports and Outdoor w w w. s g b - s p o r t s . c o m
Winter Running
f you sell running gear – whether you're a specialist
retailer or not – you'll know that runners love their
toys. They love buying and trying new gear, discussing
it, praising it or slagging it off. They're great adopters
of technology, and for winter running, that technology
reaches its pinnacle.
Runners in winter need two things – warmth and
visibility. Often, miles are clocked up in the early mornings
or in the evening, when it's dark. And runners tend to veer
toward darker-coloured gear when they're buying, so
making sure your customers get some high-visibility
clothing or 'extras' is both exceptionally important and a
season-specific revenue stream.
There's some wonderful product out there, and it won't
break the bank for a runner to buy. There's Ronhill's
Vizion LED, new for AW09; it's an LED which is designed
to be used with the brand's popular jackets and tops, and
is lightweight enough that once on, it won't annoy. With
two settings (flashing or static), runners attach it by a
velcro patch onto their jackets and are visible to all traffic.
Best of all, it's under a fiver, so there's no excuse not to buy
it! As Ronhill's Oliver Carter explains: "For this Autumn-
Winter, we included a small LED patch on the back of our
jackets. It's basically a velcro patch 6-7cm long. Our new
Vizion LED attaches to that, and it will work for hundreds
Runners need specific gear for keeping up the mileage in winter, so we've
of hours. It's an added safety feature in the small of your
rounded up the best product and recruited the wonderful Sports Marketing
back, which increases visibility. It's not groundbreaking or
new technology, but we've incorporated it in a way which
Surveys to conduct some primary research on the habits of runners in winter…
is aesthetically pleasing, while being very functional.
There's been no compromise in order to add the feature to
the jacket, nothing's been lost. The new Epic jacket
actually comes with one, but bought separately they're
adidas women’s Be seen by even the dimmest motorist with Brooks Nightlife
running gear for
For runners who demand to be seen, Brooks’s Also in the range (again in
adiStar running ever popular Nightlife collection offers year- styles for both sexes) are
tights - £50 round safety for runners. Designed to Vapor-Dry 3D Splice
heighten visibility when cars approach, the Tight , Vapor-Dry 2
Nightlife collection features high Half Zip, Short
performance technical fabrics in high Sleeve Tees and
visibility Nightlife Cap the Nightlife Lightweight
contrasting colours Shelter Device (L.S.D.)
accented with 360 which is a high visibility
degrees of 3M Scotchlite 500 jacket companion for your
candle-power retro-reflective active outdoor pursuits, which
detail. From weather weighs in at 3.1 oz and easily
resistant, breathable jackets compresses to pack in a pocket or
Nightlife Vapor-Dry 2
to soft, moisture moving bag.
Capri for women
first layers, Nightlife pieces
Nightlife Cap
Accessories include
help you run in highly Nightlife Caps, Hats,
Supernova L/S Gloves and Socks. In
Top - £25 fact, everything for the
Womens Nightlife Gilet.
safety conscious
runner, who wants to run in
conspicuous comfort. high quality, technical apparel. Brooks also
This year the Nightlife continue to pay special attention to the little things
Jacket, Gilet and that matter when all you want to do is savor your
Equilibrium Long Sleeve run: easy-to-grab zipper pulls, inner storm guards
adiStar Windstopper jacket - £85 Tee(styled for both men and and pockets in all the right places. All this in
women) comes in two colourways: addition to high-tech moisture control, weather
Stockist details – 0870 2404 204 / Nightlife with flashes of Black, or
Mens Nightlife Vapor
proofing and the truly high reflectivity you expect
Black with flashes of Nightlife. Dry 2 Half Zip from Brooks Nighlife apparel. Be seen - looking good !
18 DECEMBER 2008
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