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Secondary Spend

Midway games masterclass L

Midway games are a tool used by many parks and attractions to capture

incremental cash flow in addition to sales of

merchandise and food &

beverage (F&B). They can also be an enjoyable

diversion for guests in between rides. Yet as

Larry Steele explains here, there are many factors that can contribute to a successful games operation

ocating your games in high traffic areas, the prizes used, simple and easy to understand game rules and well-trained operators all play a major role in the

success of any games operation. Updating older units with current and more efficient games will also have a major impact on growing your operation as well. This can bolster revenue immensely by providing the guests with something that peaks their interest and increases the likelihood of them playing. Efficient games also promote positive guest/operator interaction and increase turnover during those peak operating periods. In the past, it was believed that all games should be

grouped together in one area of the park; this made the games easier to control, supply and manage, but at the same time it limited traffic flow and in most cases provided only one opportunity to capture guest spending. It has become clear in recent years that those parks those park that have several, smaller satellite games areas along different high traffic areas enjoy much more success. While games can be an important contributor to the

positive guest experience at your park, unfortunately they do tend to have a stigma attached to them of being hard to win, even possibly rigged, and when the customer does not win,

Space Racers Bob's Space Racers (BSR) has introduced multiple new midway games for the upcoming season. Pixel Play Water Gun Fun is a newly-themed

vertical water race that comes with multiple targets and progressive speed, a self contained and easy to maintain water system, easy to service electronics and a complete game accounting system. Also played with water guns, Tube Dash Splash combines the fun of a water game with a new sloped track.

Beach Ball Juggle is an updated version of BSR's popular Lucky Duck game with a summer twist. Instead of ducks, players pluck a beach ball out of the water to win a prize. It comes with an RFID reader system for reading the scores on the balls and can be custom themed to any character. Gear It Up is now available as an instant prize

redemption machine. Players guide their ball up through three gears, each one increasing in difficulty, with a chance to spin the bonus gear and win a capsule prize. Plink Drop is a classic game perfect for events,

promotions, or as a standalone game. Players place a puck or chip against the board, drop it and watch it bounce through the maze before landing in a prize slot below. Easily changeable slots allow for stock management, while removable board inserts allow for a quick change of theme. An all-weather metal frame means worry-free maintenance. Available as single and double stair games, Plink Drop is available in three sizes, a 6x5, 7x6, or 7x8 feet (1.8x1.5, 2.1x1.8, or 2.1x2.4 m) playfield. For more new games from Bob’s Space Racers,

see the next issue of Park World or refer to the advertisement on the facing page.

34 FEBRUARY 2016 Tube Dash Splash BELOW: Beach Ball Juggle Geat It Up instant win BELOW: Plink Drop New from Bob’s

they feel “ripped off.” This unfortunately is the case in many of those operations that have not updated their games in decades. Obviously there are classics out there but some operators still insist on charging 2016 prices for a game that is 30 years old.

The best game operators fight every day to combat this stigma and challenge the misconception by ensuring their games cater to all groups of guests, with a variety of skill games and race games that allow families to play together. They make certain that their games distribute more prizes by making the them easier to win with easy to understand rules and in turn, create a much better guest experience. Today’s midway games, as old fashioned as they may seem in today’s modern era of electronic everything, are still a viable part of any amusement operation, but like all operations, need fresh capital, a fresh look and fresh ways of operating to keep pace with guests’ ever-changing needs. The parks we see taking games seriously are thriving, while those who are not changing with the times are being left behind. Are you playing the right game at your park?

Larry Steele is project manager at Bob’s Space Racers.

Pixel Play Water Gun Fun

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