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GAINING COMPETITIVE EDGE through preferential exports

To offer customers the best possible service Erema is using AEB software for export controls, product classification and managing supplier declarations to send goods on their way faster


ustrian manufacturer of plastic recycling systems Erema has

expedited its export processes including the proper classification of its components, improved management of suppliers declarations and reliable export control compliance by implementing software from AEB, a leading provider of global trade and supply chain management solutions. Erema ships its systems with proofs of preferential origin, thereby securing the competitiveness of its exports. The manufacturer serves waste collection and recycling companies and manufacturers who themselves recycle plastic in over 70 foreign markets. Exports account for 98% of its business; about 60% of this volume goes to destinations outside the EU while 40% stays within the EU primarily in Germany, the UK and Spain. To offer customers the best possible

service and protect its own logistical processes Erema is now using AEB software for export controls, product classification and managing supplier declarations. As a result the logistics department spends significantly less time on administrative work and is able to send goods on their way more quickly.

USING PREFERENTIAL TRADE AGREEMENTS Customers in countries that have preferential trade agreements with the EU have to pay import duties which enables Erema to offer competitive pricing. However, working with preferences tends to require a great deal

of administration, particularly when it comes to requesting and managing supplier declarations. Erema has automated this process by implementing ATC:: Origin & Preferences software. Instead of combing through binders for the right information staff now rely on AEB’s solution to tell them if a shipment qualifies for preferential treatment and whether a proof can be issued; if a supplier’s declaration (SD) is available; and which countries have preferential trade agreements in place. This automation implementation has accelerated processing times and eliminated shipping delays.

Employees can work directly in SAP to efficiently process product classifications, origin and preferences and export controls

FASTER MATERIAL CLASSIFICATION Erema is using AEB’s software ATC:: Classification to determine the right commodity code for their products. Where previously staff had to search online through the electronic customs tariff all the information is now available directly in the SAP ERP system. The software provides a clear overview of all the materials awaiting processing and offers suggestions for commodity codes.

Temperature-controlled shipments including frozen, chilled food and pharmaceuticals can now be continuously monitored in real time thanks to the cadis operational transport management system from Kratzer Automation. Temperatures are recorded by placing UHF-enabled temperature sensors in a vehicle, trailer, container or at item/ package level. A driver equipped with a mobile device and the dispatching team back at depot both have access to recorded temperature data in real time and it can also be made available to customers online. The system is able to prove that the cold chain has been monitored seamlessly throughout the entire transportation process.

ONLINE TEMPERATURE SHIPMENT MONITORING “Continuous monitoring of temperature-

controlled transport has been a major headache, particularly for companies in the food and pharmaceutical industries,” explains UK country manager David Burder. “Random temperature checks can only provide a snapshot and temperature- sensitive warning labels show if the temperature falls above or below a required range but offer no scope to take preventative action before a breach occurs.” cadis is quick and easy to implement. It does not need any direct interface with the refrigeration unit or specific technical requirements in the vehicle.

EXPORT COMPLIANCE In order to comply with export control regulations Erema uses AEB’s solution for sanctions list screening. Now the sales team can check before they even issue a quote whether a destination country is under embargo, if a license is required or if it is permissible to do business with a potential customer. “Our employees no longer have to keep three windows open at their work stations,” says Andreas Steger, head of logistics and responsible for compliance at Erema. “Now they can work directly in SAP to efficiently process product classifications, origin and preferences and export controls.”

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