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Airbench releases highly efficient VertEx Booth

Long life reinforced centre drills are better value

he addition of a small reinforcing bulge, where the point meets the body, significantly reduces the risk of breakage, increasing the life of this range of centre drills from Toolex. Available in nine sizes from 3.15 x 0.5 mm to 10.0 x 4.0 mm all with a 60 degree angle with all but the two smallest being double ended for maximum usable life. The longer life of the reinforced design, when compared with the conventional type, delivers significant savings and increased productivity from reduced downtime. In common with all Toolex tools, the reinforced centre drills are manufactured in Europe with optimised cutting angles to deliver better finished and cleaner cuts. For applications demanding a conventional centre drill, a wide range of sizes and types is available with either 60° or 90° angle and radius types. The range of ISO standard 60° centre drills is also available in both right and left hand versions. All are supplied in uncoated and hard coated tungsten carbide and HSSE. All Toolex centre drills ordered by telephone or on the company’s web site before 16:00 on normal working days are despatched on the same day.


Toolex Ltd  +44 (0) 1963 31199 

draught system. Using the new modular booth construction, a full environmental containment booth can be built rapidly from standard parts. The use of very high efficiency fans allows the complete booth installation to operate from low power supplies while achieving very high airflows. The booth shown in the above image is approximately 2.5m wide, 2.4m high, and 2.2m deep, and draws more than 20,000m3/h. This impressive air movement, and the associated booth lighting, all runs from a single 13a socket. The fully modular construction allows for any width of booth to be delivered using standard components and VertEx base units. The VertEx Booth is available with the full range of AirBench filters up to and including H12 HEPA filtration as required.

A AirBench Ltd  01206 791191 

Dialight SafeSite® LED Area Light Now IECEx/ATEX Zone 2, 22 Certified for Hazardous Locations


ialight the innovative global leader in LED lighting technology, today announced its SafeSite® LED Area Light is now IECEx/ATEX

Zone 2, 22 certified for use in hazardous locations, namely chemical, petrochemical, power generation and mining applications. Delivering up to 105 lumens per watt, the new Zone 2, 22 SafeSite Area Light consumes half the electricity of traditional HID fittings, making it the most efficient LED fixture of its kind, all backed by Dialight’s exclusive 5-year full-performance warranty. Weighing less than 10kg, the fitting is available in 21W, 38W, 48W, 58W and 68W options to replace up to 400W conventional HID fittings. Dialight’s signature proprietary optics deliver precise light placement in either a 180° forward throw or 360° pattern for optimum visibility without any wasted light. With a CRI of 70, the SafeSite LED provides superior colour rendering compared to high- and low-pressure sodium and mercury vapor fittings.

Dialight multi-purpose packaging system

New 2016 catalogue now available from Martindale Electric

asypack Limited, the UK’s leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly packaging solutions, have launched their first flexible, multi-purpose packaging system. Designed and manufactured in the UK, the new freestyle™ system is a small and highly versatile system which can be conveniently placed at any point of packing including wall-mounted, affixed to a fully manoeuvrable floor stand or bracketed to any bench or workstation. Automatically dispensing 100% recycled, recyclable and biodegradable durable sheets of paper, the system allows operators to pack a multitude of goods at high speed. Dispensing up to 55m of paper per minute, operators can wrap, roll, mould, void-fill, cushion and secure goods of all shapes and sizes. The quality tested system has a built in anti-jam system along with a safe tear-off shield for fast in-the-box packing. Measuring just 534mm(w) x 403mm(l) x 140mm(d), the system can be placed horizontally or vertically at point of use and the easy loading system allows operators to replenish rolls quickly and safely. Operations Director Jason Cox says “freestyle™ has been designed with packers in mind, offering ease of use, convenience and maximum packing flexibility. Whilst all of our systems offer fast, robust void-fill, this new system is ideal for operations that pack a variety of goods in different locations. Strong, sheet paper gives operators a choice of packing methods whilst at the same time being small enough to move between workstations. Easypack have led the way with its range of patented packaging solutions since 1992 and is committed to protecting the environment. Today the Company works with some of Europe’s largest brands as well as SME’s and start-up businesses, enabling organisations to pack their goods with 100% environmentally friendly packaging.

E Easypack  +44 (0)1438 740 649  / FACTORY EQUIPMENT

he latest Martindale Electric catalogue is the essential reference for all electricians and maintenance personnel working on electrical equipment and installations and those involved in safe isolation. Organised into 12 comprehensive categories, allowing you to easily find what you need, the expanded 73-page, catalogue is a complete electrical test guide with invaluable information about how to choose the right equipment for the job from socket testers to 17th Edition multifunction instruments. Featuring nearly 300 items of electrical and environment test equipment and accessories, the new catalogue includes over 30 brand new products and several new kits offering great value and complete solutions to many application from safe isolation to PAT testing. A completely new series of tough, high performance clamp meters from Martindale Electric are showcased. The pocket sized clamps enable accurate True RMS AC and DC current measurement from micro Amps to 600 Amps.


Martindale Electric  01923 441717 

FACTORY EQUIPMENT | NOVEMBER 2015 29 Easypack launch new  +44 (0) 1638 666541 

irBench Ltd are pleased to announce the release of our new modular booth designed for attachment to the VertEx cross-

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