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Nederman Reels Out Welding Promotional Offer

Manual Control Dosing Pumps ATEX approved

hese seal-less pumps are designed for use in ATEX classified environments, compatible, explosion proof motors,


coupled to completely

removing the need for complex and costly external VFD ATEX control. Because Hydra-Cell pumps are true positive displacement pumps, flow rate is directly proportionate to input shaft speed and virtually independent of system discharge pressures. Very precise and repeatable, infinite adjustment of shaft speed is achieved from almost zero rpm, through a simple manual adjust hand wheel on the variator. Flow rate is adjustable in operation and at rest and exhibits linear setting characteristics. Once set, the wheel can be locked to prevent the flow being changed, either by accident or deliberately. Meeting or exceeding

requirements in terms of repeatability, and steady state accuracy,

Wanner  01252 816847 

API 675 performance linearity

Hydra-Cell Dosing

Performance pumps are the low maintenance, highly efficient, low lifecycle cost option.

s part of its Autumn promotional campaign to continually reduce environmental impact and improve productivity in the workshop, Nederman is offering its 876 Hose Reel Series for welding workshops, at a heavily discounted rate. The latest promotion from Nederman will give your workshop the opportunity to benefit from the 'ultimate reeling system for twin hoses' whilst ensuring the health and safety of your staff. Developed to handle oxygen/acetylene or oxygen/LPG supplies, the 876 Series delivers confidence and safety in an environment where employee health and safety cannot be over-stated. The Nederman 876 Series is a single layer hose feed and storage system that has an open design to make it safer and also easier to access for scheduled maintenance and servicing.

A Consisting of an all-steel construction with a sturdy weight of 26-

30kg, the 876 Hose Reel is a robust and resilient system that will improve the welding operations within your workshop. The reel improves safety by providing a safe location for the reel to prevent it from being left on the floor where it may create a potential trip hazard. Furthermore, having a safe and secure location for the hose will prolong the service life of the hoses and welding torches. Compact and flexible, the 876 Hose Reel is available with a swivelling bracket that can rotate its compact 620mm diameter and 220mm wide frame to enhance ergonomics for the end user. The dimensions of the 876 Series enable it to accommodate two hoses with a diameter of 6.3mm for a length of 20m or two 10mm hoses for a length of 15m. Alternately, customers can use a combination of 6.3 and 10mm hose for a length of 15m. If the 876 Series isn't suitable for your workshop, Nederman offers a complete range of hose and cable reels, all of which are simple to operate and safe to use. All the Nederman reels are fitted with ball bearings in the drum and/or the swivel shaft, which makes it very easy to pull out the hose or cable. High quality seals minimise the risk of leakage. Furthermore, the Nederman reels have an optimised spring force that ensures the hose or cable retracts smoothly and evenly onto the drum. The high quality spring is pre-tensioned at the factory to suit a wide range of applications. To improve ergonomics, the hose and cable reels can be combined with a balancing system.

Nederman Ltd  08452 743434

Fluke introduces a higher resolution, high-end model to it TiS Performance Series of infrared cameras

focusing, capturing professional quality images on its 320 x 240 pixel, 3.5 inch screen. The rugged infrared camera can be used to upload images to Fluke Cloud™ via a wireless connection to securely store and manage images and potentially reduce administrative time back in the office. Reports can be created and emailed from the jobsite via Fluke Connect®, eliminating the need to return to the office to process reports. IR-Fusion® technology offers fast analysis with picture-in-picture mode and AutoBlend™ of visible and infra-red light at five pre-set levels. The Fluke TiS75 is ideal for applications in industrial and electrical maintenance, in the process industries and in building applications. It offers one touch image access, which eliminates the need to scroll through a menu to view images. Thousands of images can be stored on its 4GB of internal memory and 4GB removable SD card.

F Fluke UK Ltd  0207 942 0700 

New V-type Double Girder Overhead Travelling Crane

to include V-type double girder overhead travelling models. V- type double girder cranes are available with load capacities of up to 50 tonnes and are offered with spans of up to 35 m as standard, with longer girder lengths available upon request.

F Lower weight

A significant feature of the V-type crane is the reduced weight of the crane girder compared with cranes manufactured in box section girders. This facilitates the accommodation of a rope hoist that has a higher load capacity for the movement of heavier unit loads. The reduced crane deadweight produces less wheel pressure, minimising the forces transmitted to the crane runways and existing building structures. Consequently, the newDemag V-type crane provides architects with greater freedom in planning new factory buildings.

Demag  01295 676123 32 NOVEMBER 2015 |FACTORY EQUIPMENT 

ollowing the launch of the innovative Demag V-type single girder crane, Terex Material Handling has extended the range

ansford Sensors, the leading manufacturer and global supplier of industrial accelerometers, has launched a new compact vibration switch, designed to protect machinery against unexpected shutdown and repair costs. The HS-429 automatically trips in the event of excessive vibration levels, allowing critical systems to be shut down before damage can occur. The HS-429 is one of the most compact vibration switches on the market, enabling the continuous monitoring and protection of assets in tight spaces. It is designed to transmit a 4-20mA signal, features an adjustable false trigger delay of up to one minute to prevent error trips, which may occur at machine start up, and is overload protected to a maximum shock of 100g.


Hansford Sensors Ltd  +44(0) 845 680 1957 


luke has introduced a high-end, higher resolution model to its latest TiS Performance Series of infrared cameras. The new TiS75 offers manual

New Hansford Sensors vibration switch protects critical assets

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