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Mosca strappers the clear winner for Stephens & George


Williams & Oakey's leap of faith in PSL Datatack more than repays itself


ome sub contractors still use DOS based production management software to manage shopfloor activities. As this platform is no longer supported, it has become more difficult to rely on. This

situation was faced by Williams & Oakey, who have now made the successful transition to Windows based PSL Datatrack production management software. “It is flexible, modular and easily adaptable to our specific business model,” says Materials & IT Manager Martin Presley. Williams & Oakey supplies high quality machined parts, offering a one stop shop for precision CNC machining,

pre-treatment and finishing.

The company has ISO9001 accreditation and liked the modularity of PSL Datatrack software. Today there are two Datatrack stations where operators clock in and log all the required information about every order – essential for traceability. Additional modues and user licences now give more access and closer control of the engineering process.

PSL Datatrack  +44 (0)8456 345931 

IDS Imaging Development Systems

tephens & George Print Group has once again turned to leading strapping specialist Mosca Direct Ltd to fulfil the requirements of its expanding production-line, with the installation of two SoniXs Evolution MP-6 T strapping machines.Having already ten machines in use across the business, Stephens & George was confident of the consistent reliability offered by Mosca technology, which, according to the company’s Group Bindery Manager Marcus Partridge, made the decision to install two more a ‘no brainer’. The new SoniXs machines are being used for the application of strap to various brochure and mail-out products. Standard features of the SoniXs MP- 6 T include tool-free disassembly and reassembly, resulting in easy access for cleaning and maintenance, while wear-free DC drives with integrated electronics, adjustable strap tension via potentiometer and programmable strap tension value ensure reliability and user-friendly operation.

Mosca Direct Ltd  0115 989 0209 

IDS webstore now available for customers in Great Britain, Ireland, France and Scandinavia

he “IDS Direct” online shop offers almost the entire standard camera portfolio, featuring approximately 300 industrial camera models with GigE or USB interfaces, frame grabbers and lots of accessories such as lenses, cables and hubs. However. the B2B webstore provides more than just ordering on the internet. There are numerous additional features such as the “lens calculator” that expand the online offering. Customers can choose the correct lens for their IDS camera according to the sensor, working distance and focal length. In addition, the webstore provides a shopping cart as an offer in PDF format. Other useful tools such as TechTips highlight possible applications of IDS products and thus facilitate their use. Shopping on the internet is becoming more and more important, even in B2B.

T  0118 970 1704 

SICK powers into future with the All-seeing PowerProx® Sensor


ICK has set a technology milestone in sensing capability for factory automation with the new PowerProx® range of sensors, offering unprecedented versatility and value to detect any object on a high-speed production line. SICK has achieved a step change in sensing performance by packing the benefits of laser Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology into PowerProx’s compact housing to deliver high- performance distance sensing, proximity and object detection. A sensor in the PowerProx range can be used to replace most distance and proximity sensors in a production plant. Engineers can choose from a range of just four sensors to achieve highly accurate results over a wide distance range between 10cm and 3.8 metres. “Nothing gets by the SICK PowerProx, “states David Hannaby, SICK UK’s Product Manager for Presence Detection. “It has overtaken other market offerings to deliver a multi-tasking series of sensors with outstanding performance at a competitive price, achieving consistent results where a number of different specialised sensors would otherwise need to be used.” With PowerProx, even objects being conveyed at high speed, small and flat objects and products with jet-black and shiny finishes can now be reliably detected over its extensive sensing distances.

Time of Flight PowerProx sensors offer a high degree of angular tolerance and are not affected by the ambient light or by dust, spray and particles. The SICK PowerProx® is very easy to teach. Using IO-Link, up to eight switching points can be remotely taught. IO-Link also enables high-accuracy measurements to be output from the ToF sensor signal for determining range, position, height or size.

SICK (UK) LTD 28 NOVEMBER 2015 |FACTORY EQUIPMENT  01727 831121 

Huge Savings On World-Leading Air

horite, the UK’s biggest independent distributor of pneumatic products and process systems, has been working closely with IMI Norgren to come up with unbeatable prices on top quality

Preparation Box Sets T


Preparation Box Sets, for a limited time only. The box sets provide high efficiency water and particle removal from compressed air systems and comprise filter,

regulator, micro-fog lubricator with

exhausting shut-off valve, pressure gauge and mounting brackets. They are fully assembled, tested, ready for simple, rapid installation and backed by a 2 year warranty. Efficient air preparation is vital, because air leaving compressors is hot, dirty, wet and generally at a higher pressure than the downstream equipment requires, which can create reliability problems. A typical 50dm³/sec (100scfm) compressor will push 4,500 litres of water and 8 litres of degraded compressor oil into the system each year, along with considerable amounts of dirt.

Thorite  01274 663471 


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