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Optimising the supply voltage for a building saves on electricity consumption and can prevent equipment and machinery from early burn out while reducing maintenance costs

nefficient buildings consume around 40% of the world’s energy and are responsible for nearly the same amount of emitted carbon in addition to millions of pounds of wasted electricity. However, this can be drastically reduced through voltage optimisation. The concept is simple: on the whole, power is generally supplied at a higher voltage than is necessary. Although the ideal 3-phase voltage requirement for electronic equipment in the UK and Europe is 220V the average supplied voltage in the UK is 242V. This mismatch between required and delivered voltage results in a waste of energy and money. Voltage optimisation corrects this over-

voltage and brings it in line with the actual needs of the equipment on site through the use of a device installed in series with the mains electricity supply. In this way companies only pay for electricity they actually need and use. Voltage optimisation should not be confused with step-down transformers which are often incorrectly labelled under the ‘voltage optimisation’ banner. These technologies, although providing an alternative to reduce voltage levels do not provide the full savings and associated benefits of a true voltage optimisation system. EMSc (UK) design and manufacture

Powerstar, a proven and established solution which has been prevalent in the market for over 14 years. Powerstar is fully researched, designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK to the highest efficiencies and holds the ‘Made In Sheffield’ accreditation as a mark of manufacturing excellence associated with the technology.

SOLUTIONS FOR SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS The Powerstar range consists of three variations: fixed (Powerstar), electronic- dynamic (Powerstar MAX) and HV electronic-dynamic (Powerstar HV MAX), each of which offer a solution designed to meet engineering requirements and specific characteristics of each site. Powerstar voltage optimisation systems have built a reputation on the back of successful installations worldwide including manufacturing and industrial facilities such as Trelleborg, Polyflor, Swann Morton, Newburgh and AESSEAL. Powerstar is a transformer-based system that optimises the characteristics


of the current supplied at source and utilises negative power (Back EMF) to maximise savings. This results in any excess voltage above the Powerstar set- point being chopped and returned back toward the grid, generating negative power (Back EMF) which flows toward the supply and is subtracted from the incoming power. This negative power (Back EMF) accounts for 70-80% of the total savings of the Powerstar system with the remaining savings from improved equipment efficiencies.

REDUCING MAINTENANCE COSTS Optimising the supply voltage for a building through Powerstar voltage optimisation systems not only saves electricity consumption it can prevent equipment and machinery from early burn out while reducing maintenance costs. For example, if you supply a motor with more voltage than it needs it doesn’t spin any faster, it just wastes the extra energy as heat. In these cases Powerstar extends the life of motors by lowering the operating temperature. Powerstar improves power quality issues such as reducing the level of harmonics, providing protection from transients and correcting voltage imbalances. The energy savings achieved by

Powerstar are typically around 12% with payback periods of 2-3 years. All systems are backed by a 100% savings guarantee with 15 years warranty and flexible finance and leasing packages available to

Powerstar improves power quality issues including reducing the level of harmonics, providing protection from transients and correcting voltage imbalances

reduce any perceived risk from the financial investment and enable them to be purchased with no up-front costs. The Powerstar team offer a fully supported turnkey solution, utilising their engineering experience to deliver a seamless implementation and installation with no disruption to business services. The comprehensive after sales support service ensures a concept to completion package is offered. One industrial site benefiting from the

installation of a Powerstar voltage optimisation system is Olam International, a leading agri-business supplying food and industrial raw materials to over 13,600 customers worldwide. The installation of Powerstar at its UK site provided annual energy consumption savings of 14.1% and reductions in carbon emissions of 203 tonnes. Powerstar voltage optimisation systems have been installed into thousands of sites throughout the world. For example, Tencate in the United

Arab Emirates is benefiting from the installation of Powerstar at their industrial facility. The synthetic fibre and artificial surface manufacturing company is benefiting from 8.7% savings in annual electricity consumption in addition to 462.5 tonne reductions in carbon emissions following installation.

Powerstar T: 0114 2576 200


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