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FAST DOUBLE COLUMN machining centres for mouldmaking

Top performance and build quality were key factors in designing a high-speed machining centre to help mouldmakers reduce lead times in the production of high quality tools


nrivalled in the ability to produce high quality mould tools in short

lead-times the UK’s toolrooms can now call upon the high performance and build quality of P/PV high speed double column machining centres from Kao Fong Machinery (KAFO) to help boost competitive gain even further. Available in the UK from sole agent TDT Technology the new machines offer a price-to-performance ratio that is difficult to match without compromising on build quality. Quality was the premium factor for KAFO when designing the P/PV series. A box structure machine bed along with a one-piece cast iron column and cross beam configured in a thermally symmetric structure help assure rigidity and high speed performance. Cutting rates of up to 20 m/min can be

achieved in all axes along with rapid traverse rates of up to 48 m/min on the P/PV-16 model. All machine castings are stress relieved and age-treated for long term precision without deformation. The HSK A63 spindle is designed for

precision and rigidity with an enlarged diameter of 70 mm and ceramic bearing. This helps control vibration and thermal displacement to ensure repeatable accuracy over the lifetime of the machine. Spindle speed options are available up to 24,000 rpm (30 kW power, 125 Nm torque). As standard the range comes with

linear scales and closed loop control system on all three axes to facilitate precision positioning of ±0.015 mm (with

repeatability of ±0.003) and high performance contour machining; control is via the latest Siemens 840D SL. All axes adopt high speed, high

precision servo motors to deliver impressive acceleration and deceleration while the Z-axis also features a dual- screw servo drive system (without balance weight) which shortens the distance from the track surface to the spindle centre to support impressive

The new machines offer a price-to-performance ratio that is difficult to match without compromising on build quality

metal cutting capabilities. To help deliver further competitive gain for mouldmakers high precision preloaded, roller-type linear guideways ensure superior dynamics and extended service life. The axes on P/PV machining centres are driven by precision-ground preloaded and pretensioned double-anchored ballscrews featuring a central cooling system to minimise thermal expansion and enhance positioning accuracy. The series is available in four models


Tornos has launched a new version of its Swiss GT26 turning centre including a B-axis to increase the already impressive flexibility credentials of this machine. It has proved a huge success in the market with installations in the aerospace, hydraulic, pneumatic, defence and subcontracting sector. With 6 linear axes, two C-axes, three live tooling platens with the facility for 14 driven tools and a total of up to 40 tools, the GT26 provides great flexibility and capability for the end user. However, the new machine is more ergonomically

feasible: the B-axis sits on two fixation points which makes it far more rigid and robust than competitor

machines with just one fixation point. The powerful spindle motors on the driven tool stations demand the utmost rigidity to enhance material removal rates and improve precision, surface finishes and consistency of the final component. The Swiss GT26 B-axis can accommodate 2 X 4 rotating spindles with a spindle speed of up to 9000rpm. Furthermore, the kinematics provide the facility for 2 X 4 fixed front tool stations, ensuring that virtually any angle can be indexed or processed by the NC programs.

Tornos UK T: 01530 513100

with travels ranging from 1100 to 2300 mm in the X-axis, 600 to 1300 mm in Y and 460 to 700 mm in Z. Workpieces weighing up to 5000 kg can be accommodated on the two largest models. Included as standard are a coolant unit, spindle blast, spindle oil mist lubrication, air and coolant gun, auto power-off, RS232 and USB interfaces, chip conveyor and rigid tapping. Customers can add automatic tool length and diameter measurement, automatic workpiece measurement and an oil/mist collector.

TDT Technology T: 01788 570411


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