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SAFELY AND ERGONOMICALLY unloading bulk parcel deliveries

Reconfiguring available space for the highest possible parcel handling capacity while delivering an ergonomic work environment that keeps the operator safe has been addressed by BEUMER


ith competition in the parcel delivery sector getting tougher and

online stores wanting to offer later cut- off times for next-day delivery, high capacity and rapid throughput are top priorities for parcel distribution hubs. To this end BEUMER Group is offering the BEUMER Parcel Picker designed for rapid, safe and gentle bulk unloading of parcels from trucks, trailers, swap bodies and roller cages. It has been specifically designed for hubs that have a low number of external unloading doors and limited building size so as to optimise gate unloading efficiency per door. The Parcel Picker offers a fast ROI by

delivering increased throughput and faster turnaround time for unloading of a higher number of containers at the same gate in a given time. Retrofitting it to a telescopic conveyor reconfigures the available space for the highest possible parcel handling capacity and delivers an ergonomic work environment that keeps the operator safe. When the Parcel Picker is being used

with trucks, containers and swap bodies loose-loaded items are unloaded by positioning the device in front of the loading door. There are three unloading positions: upper, middle and lower to ensure that items never drop down hard onto the conveyor. Specially designed pick-up conveyors scoop the items onto the telescopic conveyor which has sideguards to safely convey the bulk

items on to an automatic singulator such as the Automatic Parcel Singulator from BEUMER Group. The company is able to install a system to fulfill a hub’s entire handling and sortation requirements from the moment the parcels arrive. The Parcel Picker has a safe and ergonomically designed, height adjustable working area that is dedicated to the operator. From this position the operator can smoothly slide the unit forward and backward in the container via foot-pedal operation; a joystick is used to control movement of the pick-up conveyer horizontally and vertically. Automatic wall detection makes it simple for the operator to move the Parcel Picker right up to the side walls of the

Automatic wall detection makes it simple for the operator to move the Parcel Picker right up to the sides of the container with no gap

container with no gap. For unloading loose-loaded items from roller containers and cages the Parcel Picker can be combined with a dedicated module. The tipping station and the Parcel Picker come together and work in perfect harmony, gently tipping items onto a conveyor which again passes the bulk items on to an automatic singulator. When the Parcel Picker is being used in


With the introduction of its innovative PortaLift materials handling equipment specialist Lift Safe has made lifting heavy or awkward loads quick, easy and risk-free. The versatile PortaLift uses compressed air

to generate a vacuum to grip the load while mechanically lifting and lowering it, swiftly turning most lifting tasks into a safe one-person operation. With an adjustable lift and lowering speed, the PortaLift ensures secure and professional operation. Lift Safe is able to supply both custom mechanical grippers to suit customers’ load handling operations up to 85kg, and a range of standard high capacity vacuum head grippers including square, rectangular, oval or round cup grippers with a SWL up to 85kg. With the addition of a quick changer heads can be speedily and simply interchanged in less than 1 minute with minimum fuss. With an extremely quiet electric motor the PortaLift is ready for use as soon as it is delivered with no installation hassle.


this way the operator stands on the floor and slides roller cages into place for automatic unloading. For the greatest throughput the operation is timed to enable one person to control two container unloading stations simultaneously. In all modes the operator is well protected from moving parcels while at the working position. A specially designed tool works like an extendable arm to pull items toward the Parcel Picker. Research conducted by BEUMER Group shows that the optimised workplace ergonomics combined with the streamlined work process puts less physical stress on the operator than manual unloading. Analysis has determined that depending on the parcel mix unloading can be carried out up to three times faster with a Parcel Picker than with manual unloading. In addition, an automatic jam detection and removal function helps prevent downtime. If manual intervention is required the operator can easily push a button to set the machine into safe mode and then access the belts to clear the jam. Even though the machine features

gentle handling of items reliability is ensured by a highly robust construction that ensures long service in this tough environment. When maintenance is necessary, spare parts costs are kept to a minimum through the use of standard mechanical and electrical components. The design facilitates simple trouble shooting and maintenance which can be conducted by an in-house team. Alternatively BEUMER Group offers preventive maintenance contracts as part of its customer support setup.

BEUMER Group T: +45 8741 4141


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