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For manufacturers looking to improve productivity and increase their return on investment POP Avdel has developed a blind rivet nut installation tool. Its lightweight, ergonomic design includes ‘pull-to-force/pull-to-stroke’ dual operating technology. These features provide added flexibility that allow operators to install a broad range of thread sizes and grip combinations. The ProSert XTN20 provides high speed installations, improved assembly productivity, clear and fast access to the work piece and setting adjustments easily made in a production environment. With the patented, quick-installation

mandrel exchange system and tool-free stroke and force setting features, changeovers are easy and installations consistent and reliable. Longer tool life and reduced maintenance costs are achieved by using high-strength installation mandrels and high performance hydraulic seals. Mandrel replacement costs are reduced and the hydraulic seal design maximises re- priming intervals. Weighing just 1.59 kg including the (M6) nosepiece assembly the ProSert XTN20 offers the highest pull force-to-weight ratio in its class, enabling assembly operators to be more productive with less effort and fatigue.

With the patented, quick- installation mandrel exchange system and tool- free stroke and force setting features, changeovers are easy and installations consistent and reliable

The ProSert XTN20 is designed with a

low-force, single-action trigger and comfortable weight balanced ergonomic handle. A powered spin-out override button is easily accessible, ensuring operator safety. The ProSert XTN20 has an M3 to M10 thread size capacity; Pull Force is approximately 17kN at 5 bar; and provides up to 7mm stroke adjustment. Blind rivet nuts can be installed into

sheet metal, tubing, extrusions, plastics and other materials to provide strong, reliable internal threads. One-sided installations can be achieved in thin panels of varying materials and hardness.

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The latest addition to Quickgrind’s solid carbide tooling solutions is QPlus, a range of general purpose 4-flute tools. These performance endmills are significantly longer than most off-the- shelf tools and have a special coating. Both features maximise tool life,

allowing full advantage to be gained from Quickgrind’s remanufacturing service. Tools can be remanufactured to the original quality, typically up to seven times so customers can make savings in excess of 50% on tool costs while maintaining as-new performance. The new tools are designed to give

customers flexibility with multiple roughing and finishing applications for a wide variety of component materials. They can be obtained via distribution partners Alliance Tools, DHS Tools, YMT Technologies or directly from Quickgrind. “Customers buying now can take advantage of an introductory offer for a set of four tools at diameters of 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm; the range includes 3, 4, 5, 16 and 20 mm tools,” says managing director Ross Howell. “Our ‘total solution engineering’ approach means creating the right tooling for every user whether they need general purpose tools or something much more specialised.”

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