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Waterpark Profile

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and attractions from Polin and WhiteWater. From Polin comes two combination rides, a Space Shuttle/tunnel slide and a Navigator/rafting ride, each supplied with the Turkish manufacturers' natural light effects and resin-transfer moulding/shiny finish on both sides, for reduced fading in

the sun. WhiteWater, meanwhile, supplied an Aqualoop (India's first), 6-lane Whizzard mat racer and a Rattler slide, in which riders rock from side to side in its bulging tunnel section.

Other water-based entertainment include a beach front, waterfalls, kids play area, lazy river, cabanas and a range of food beverage options. Marketed with the tagline “go with the flow”, the waterpark is being promoted as a hangout for young partygoers, with weekend performances from popular Indian and international artists and DJs. “With the launch of Aquamagica we present a one-of-its-kind international standard entertainment destination in India,” says Adlabs Entertainment CEO, (Mr) Kapil Bagla. “The youth in India have very limited one-stop entertainment venues For all those who are looking for adrenaline pumping rides, a great day party vibe with variety of food and awesome music, Adlabs Aquamagica is definitely the place to be.”

Easily reached by car from both Mumbai and Pune, the park is also served by bus from both cities. Alternatively a free shuttle bus connects local rail travellers from Khopoli.


Picsolve began its journey in the theme park and attractions industry back in 1994 with what, by today’s standards, would seem a simple ride photography system at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in England. Now the company captures over 100 million images each year – photos and video – at over 500 venues around the world. Looking ahead to the next 20 years, Picsolve CEO Jeff Kelisky tells us why he believes in-park image capture is poised for an explosion as guests seek to share every moment of their life with family and friends

Although we’ve been capturing amazing moments for the last two decades, there has been a real step change in the last few years as to how images are captured and enjoyed within theme parks and attractions. Such images are leading the social media explosion and our tools, such as the Picsolve app, are making it easier than ever for guests to share those moments.

The biggest value in images is the moment they happen – I need to share what I am doing, where I am going, not once a month, once a week, but several times a day. Photos are now the tool that narrate your life. People want to get off a ride, pull out their phone and they’ve got it, shared it, and got feedback from their friends almost instantly. There’s a whole bunch of added value that parks can get out of that. Now they are not just talking to their guests, they are talking to each guest and 230 of their Facebook friends (the average number on the popular social media platform). Generally people at theme parks share more, because of the dynamics of what they are doing, but there is traction across different types of venues, from aquariums and waterparks to cruise ships and sports venues. School groups are probably one of the biggest untapped areas, because you have lots of kids but not a lot of photos being bought, obviously though it will be the parents that are driving it.

I believe the whole experience is set to change from where we are today and images chase the guest to a world very soon where the guest is chasing the image. For this to happen, everything that we capture has to be made available, whether it’s a ride photo, a green screen experience or a character meet-and-greet. These are no longer separate transactions.

All-inclusive images Getting wet and staying green

India's is a hot and dry country, of course, so several environmentally conscious efforts including water conservation have been undertaken in the development of Adlabs Aquamagica. A rain harvesting reservoir has a capacity to store approximately 260,000,000 litres of water, enough for the park's daily usage. The system also recharges ground water.


I think we are going to see all-inclusive photo passes becoming more commonplace, just as all-you-can-eat meal deals are catching on in theme parks too. In three to five years time this is going to be like Wifi in coffee shops, where people expect it and when you find don’t find it, it’s annoying. We are also trying to keep the purchase window open a little longer, so when people ask themselves, “I wonder if you still have that photo I did last time?” – you actually do. That has value to the guest. And if they download our app, they can also add their own images into the same album. We’ve already found that if you take pictures where people look at the camera or know were the camera is, those pictures sell a lot better. Probably the biggest demand from people right now when they get their images is the ability to modify them, put a smiley face or text on it. A lot


Capturing 20 years of amazing moments

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