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Show Review

Justice League ride vehicle we displayed for Six Flags,” noted Matt Kent over at the Oceaneering booth. “It’s an affordable dark ride option for regional parks.” “This has been our first year with all our brands/acquisitions – Accesso, Lo-Q and Siriusware – together on one booth,” Accesso’s TJ Christensen informed us. “It’s been really good, and given us the opportunity to explain to clients how to deliver the digital guest journey, starting with the ticket purchase and then continuing with queuing, RFID, cashless etc.”

Catching up with friends Intamin’s Sascha Czibulka described the show as "good. We've had very good discussions with clients from all over. We see many good friends at least once a year, however, it felt a little slower than last year. There were less Europeans and Asian than last year, due I think to the strong shows in Europe and Asia this year." According to Vekoma's Peter Van Bilsen, his company is fully booked for 2015 and most of 2016. "It's been a good show," he said, "with a lot of meetings. People are here from all over the world, particularly Asia, Latin America, and North America."

"This has been a very good show," confirmed Guy Nelson, Dynamic Attractions. "A lot of parks in Asia and the Middle East are firming their expansion plans. The show allows us in one place to move those plans along and communicate. It also allows us to meet our suppliers for media-based attractions." "We showed several key clients some very new innovative concepts and technologies," said Jim

Seay of Premier Rides, "but we can't yet disclose these to the public. It's been extremely busy for the first three days, as we've been completely pre- booked. We arrived almost one week early for private meetings requested by our clients. The intensity of business globally cannot be understated." “Everyone’s busy, which is very different to three or four years ago,” noted JRA’s (Jack Rouse Associates) Clara Rice. “We’ve had a lot of meetings, and the projects seem real. There’s very much the attitude ‘Let’s do this now’.” "Our conference rooms have been totally booked," revealed Mack Rides’ Maximilian Roeser. "We've never had so many clients coming here. For three days our two rooms have been full." “We sold more than 25 attractions here,” announced Len Soled, Rides-4-U. “The economy helps. Everybody is in a buying mode. We've had traffic all four days. Also had a great show for SBF/Visa, S&S Sansei, KMG and Eworks Pro LED lighting systems, all of whom we represent." “We've had a lot of interactions with parks serious about buying a new wood coaster for 2015,” Korey Kiepert of The Gravity Group informed Park World. “Tayto Park near Dublin, Ireland, will introduce one of Europe's longest wood coasters. We will built a wood switchback coaster for ZDT's Amusement Park in Seguin, Texas. And we've partnered with Martin & Vleminckx on several wood coasters in China."

IAAPA Attractions Expo will be back at Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center from 16 to 20 November next year. Add it to your 2015 schedule now.

Seminar Soundbites

This year’s IAAPA Attractions Expo featured 110 education sessions. Here’s quotes from just three:

“The first time I came to Orlando, I thought this is great place to be, it makes people so happy”

Themed Attractions and Resorts’ (Malaysia) Tunku Dato' Ahmad Burhanuddin reflects on what makes the attractions industry different to his former career as an accountant (CEO Speak, Tuesday)

“We never know how much a park is going to cost until we finish it. You have to focus on quality; we have to do what we have to do. It’s not a conventional way to run a business, but if you make something with love, by nature it will be a success”

Miguel Quintana, Xcaret Group, Mexico (CEO Speak)

“People chose not to believe it was real; they could not believe that a machine could replicate a human”

Disney Legend Bob Gurr discusses the influential Abraham Lincoln audio- animatronic at the 1964 New York World’s Fair (Legends Session, Thursday)

“You don’t want people staring at a phone in a theme park”

Steve Trowbridge, RetroActive discusses technology in parks (TEA Future Legends, Thursday)

“I would suggest five years ago IAAPA didn’t know what the “I” in IAAPA stood for. It thought it meant international people came to Orlando. Since then there’s been an incredible change of mindset, thanks partly to the

consolidation of the shows in Europe and Asia”

Geoff Chutter, WhiteWater (CEO Speak)



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