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Voyage to the Iron Reef Knott's confirms interactive dark ride plans

Knott’s Berry Farm outside Los Angeles will introduce an interactive 4D attraction for 2015, Voyage to the Iron Reef. Opening this spring, the media-based experience will invite guests to save Knott’s from mysterious creatures emerging from the seas beneath the boardwalk. Montreal-based Triotech, the attraction developer that animated the new

Wonder Mountain’s Guardian last season for sister park Canada’s Wonderland, is the creator behind the gaming system and animation for Voyage to the Iron Reef.

According to the storyline, after construction crews finished expanding the Boardwalk Pier area in 2013, a mystic lair was reawakened in the depths below, filled with creatures who have risen up to wreak havoc on the famous Southern California park. Their unquenchable appetite for coaster metal has turned these creatures into swimming mechanical monsters unlike anything ever seen on the ocean floor! The attraction will use four-seater submarine-inspired ride vehicles from

ART Engineering, transporting passengers on a four-minute gaming adventure into the Iron Reef. Equipped with an interactive “freeze ray,” they must take aim for ballooning puffer fish, iron clad octopus and other 3D creatures. The high definition animation will surround guests as their submarines navigate 600ft (183m) of track and 11 scenes packed with live action special effects. The interactive voyage will offer a different experience every time according to the actions and accuracy of the riders onboard. The site chosen for the attraction is hallowed ground for Knott’s enthusiasts. In 1975, the show building was originally the site of the wacky and whimsical Knott’s Bear-y Tales, designed by legendary theme park designer Rolly Crump. In 1987, it was transformed into Kingdom of the Dinosaurs.

Oak Island unveils new maze designs

The American event and attraction specialist Oak Island Creative is offering three new mirror maze layouts that can be configured for square or rectangular spaces of, respectively, 500, 800 and 1,200 square feet (47, 74 and 112 sq m).

In addition to customized lights, colours, themes and schematics, each of the sizes comes with built-in safety features, emergency exits, light and sound options.

For operators, advantages of mirror mazes over other attractions include low maintenance, minimal staffing, minimal space requirements and high return on investment. Oak Island’s modular designs also make relocation and reconfiguration possible.

Holovis lands

Bobbejaanland contract Popular Belgian theme park Bobbejaanland will open an immersive tunnel attraction this coming May. Entitled The Forbidden Caves, the experience will take passengers on a 10-minute multimedia journey into mysterious caves, where supernatural creatures lurk in every corner. The ride will be the first of its kind in Belgium, and the first to be designed and installed by the British company Holovis, which will supply the simulator system on a turn-key basis, comprising a dual 30 seat motion platform on a five degrees of freedom (DOF) base with 3D projection surrounding the ride vehicles on all sides. The media partner on the project will be Super 78 of California, which worked last season on the Lost Temple immersive tunnel attraction at Movie Park in Germany, a sister park to Bobbejaanland.

Holovis specialises in creating media based dark ride experiences where users are immersed in 360° 2D or 3D visuals and sound. By surrounding a person’s peripheral vision with synchronised media, motion, spatial audio and special effects, passengers are transported into the virtual reality storytelling in a highly compelling and realistic way. “The Forbidden Caves is all about discovery, interaction and surprise,” notes Bobbejaanland CEO Roland Kleve. “The highly technical execution of the immersive tunnel gives users the feeling of being in another world. Through the appointment of Holovis and Super 78 we have two fantastic partners on board.” “Experiential design and storytelling is at the heart of all our attractions,” adds Holovis CEO Stuart Hetherington. “Our turn-key approach also delivers higher quality that can fit with the most demanding budget. We believe The Forbidden Caves will take immersive experiences to the next level!”


A demonstration of another Holovis ride system JANUARY 2015

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