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Park News


The German manufacturer has 25 deliveries scheduled worldwide for 2015. Hello Kitty Park near Shanghai, which had already opened at the time of writing, has received an apple tree themed Wave Swinger, Kontiki, Jet Ski and Flying Flowers. An unidentified Chinese park will add a Jet Ski. Indonesia's Jaya Ancol will add a refurbished Tivoli Coaster. A Double Family Freefall Tower is destined for an unspecified park in Taiwan. Japan's Nasu Highlands will add Flying Fish, while an unidentified Japanese park will receive a Kontiki XL.

An unidentified park in Dubai, believed to be Mack Rides

Following our update on Mack in the October issue of Park World (see, we can now confirm additional deliveries for 2015 including a 12-passenger river ride for the Zoo Emmen relaunch in the Netherlands. A new water ride and new coaster are set for Walibi Belgium near Brussels and Walibi Holland in Flevoland, the Netherlands. Mack's latest project at Europa-Park will be a refurbishment of the Sea Storm (Happy Sailor) ride in the Spanish themed area of the park.

In Dubai, an indoor/outdoor Blue-Fire coaster sits ready and waiting for the rest of the IMG Worlds of Adventure to be completed, probably in late 2015/early 2016. Elsewhere in the Emirate, Mack will deliver several rides to Legoland Dubai, which opens in 2016 as part of the three- park development by Dubai Parks Holdings/Merlin Entertainments.

Chance Rides

The Wichita, Kansas-based ride manufacturer has a pipeline of deliveries set for 2015, including several people movers. For the Wildlife World Zoo, Arizona, it will deliver a CP Huntington train plus a Big Dipper family coaster. Further CP Huntingdons are destined for Raleigh Parks and Recreation in North Carolina, Dickerson Park Zoo in Missouri and New Jersey's Essex County. Ride the Ducks in the Pacific island of Guam will take delivery of an amphibious tour vehicle. The Kansas City Zoo, Missouri, has ordered a Tramstar power unit and three coaches, while Disney Cruise Lines in the Bahamas gets a total of three power units and nine coaches. Dollywood, Tennessee, will receive four Sunliner II power units and 12 coaches.

A 63ft Century Wheel is destined for Acuity Insurance, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, while Humphries Companies of Oklahoma has ordered a Giant Wheel. Carousels are on order for Albuquerque BioPark Zoo, New


Legoland, has ordered a custom Force Coaster, Kiddie Plane and double Jet Ski. In Sweden, Liseberg will introduce a Star Shape, while a Force 190 Family Coaster is set for Kolmården, a sister park to Gröna Lund. Denmark's Djurs Sommerland is anticipating both a new Force Two Coaster and a double Family Freefall Tower. Also in Denmark, Tivoli Friheden will add a Family Freefall Tower. A Kontiki is going to a yet-to-be-announced park in Germany. Force Two Coasters are headed to an unspecified park in France and New Orleans City Park in the USA. Finally, a Tower Speed Coaster goes to Knoebel's Amusement Resort, Pennsylvania.


The Dutch manufacturer has just updated its compact Top Spin-style Discovery ride by adding a new 20-seat suspended gondola and an all-electric drive. The first unit will be shipped in January to Australian showman Kaine Brown, who previously purchased two KMG Speeds, a Freak Out and an Inversion. The single trailer ride features superhero-inspired décor by new in-house artist Pieter Brunsfeld. A second version is due for Europe later in the year. Following the IAAPA show last month in Orlando, KMG has a number of new orders pending for the clients in the USA in partnership with Rides 4-U, including a Speed and Freak Out. At the 2016 IISF show in Gibtown, Florida, the company will present no fewer than three Inversions – a looping ride with somersaulting gondolas (as pictured).

An extra large, 65m-tall version of the Inversion featuring 24 seats is set to be delivered in May 2016 to an as yet unconfirmed

Mexico, Pacific Amusements in Seoul, South Korea, and an unnamed North American location. Meanwhile a park model Freestyle (new style Wipeout) goes to Taroka Park in Taiwan. Doha Oasis Mall, Qatar, has ordered a Unicoaster (new style Rok 'n' Roll). Chance has also secured its first sale of a Zipper in 12 years, to DRS Skinners’ Amusements, Illinois. The classic ride is coming back with updates including LED lighting from Denny's Electronics, a segmented cable system that dramatically decreases maintenance time and wheel wear, an electric cable drive with soft start and programmed ride cycles, plus stainless steel car doors and moulded side panels. "We're trying to get back into the portable ride business," Mike Chance tells Park World. To that end, Chance recently hired Jeff Miller as sales manager for new rides in the North America carnival market. Jeff comes to Chance with over 25 years experience in the amusement industry. The company’s long-time carnival and used rides expert, Duane Wiechman, will continue to serve in his current role.

Nasu Highland’s Flying Fish ride

European showman. Featuring a similar folding A-frame construction to KMG’s XXL swing ride, the machine will pack onto five trailers. The firm is also building a new 35m High Swing with custom-theming and a pre/post- show experience for Lund’s Tivoli in Norway (see page 10).

The Zipper: set for a comeback!


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