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Supplier Update

Flying into 2015! A

Following four years of intense product development, Dynamic Motion Rides (DyMoRides) is poised to deliver the first of a new generation of Flyboard flying theatres in 2015 – but that’s not all!

fter a commercially successful 2014 we now have an order book full of projects for the foreseeable future,” reveals Dynamic Motion

Rides joint CEO, David Vatcher. “Some of these are really remarkable projects and it will be great to see them come to fruition over the coming years.” The company will complete six projects in China over the next three years, starting with a mid-2015 opening in a major city to be confirmed. In addition, two orders have been secured in the USA, one in the theme park sector and the other within the museum sector.

Meet the DyMoRides team

Joining David Vatcher as joint CEO of Dynamic Motion Rides is Michael Prager, working out of the company’s headquarters in Vienna, Austria. The firm boasts engineering/ production/testing facilities in South Wales, plus partners in the UK, Germany and the USA. Joining the team soon will be Matthew Vatcher, currently studying at London Business School.

The Flyboard offers a unique riding position

Since it was relaunched by DyMoRides in 2013, the Flyboard flying theatre product range has been expanded to include 30, 40, 50 and 70-person ride platforms, with even larger configurations possible as modular units or special orders. Most feature Flyboard’s ultra-realistic and unique ‘prone’ riding position – immersing riders in the media content to maximise the feeling of flying. The latest Flyboard development is the introduction of a dome screen with a field of view of 180º horizontally and 100º vertically. A 3D printed model of a 30-passenger system – as destined for China – was on display at IAAPA Attractions Expo in November. On this and other installations, Dynamic Motion Rides will be responsible for delivering the entire project on a turn-key basis, including theatre, ride system, and all media content and effects (including AV). Just one projector will be required for the entire dome screen, thanks to the use of a 35,000 lumens Christie projector equipped with a custom Navitar fisheye lens. In addition to the improved visual presentation this provides, the dome screen reduces the required theatre length by approximately 2 metres (6.5 feet) in length and 3m (10ft) in height. The

The new dome screen Flyboard 30, as shown in 3D printed form during IAAPA

resulting reduction in theatre volume – about one-third – provides a commensurate reduction in facility and operating costs making Flyboard one of the most cost effective flying theatre systems on the market. For the US, a Flyboard system is in development with a capacity exceeding 70 persons. A second US project will form part of the Flyboard Hybrid range; it is designed to fit in a museum with a ceiling height of less than 5.5m (18ft). Passengers will experience motions including pitch and roll, plus vibration exceeding 200Hz. Special effects supplied as standard include a vertical drop, leg ticklers, puffs of air, water spray, wind and scent. “The Flyboard Hybrid enables operators with limited ceiling heights and budgets to provide a flying theatre experience to their guests for the first time,” highlights Vatcher. “Smaller units, starting with capacity for just 12 persons, are suitable for locations such as visitor centres and family entertainment centres. The highly modular Flyboard designs ensure that we have a range of sizes to meet all customer requirements.” Over the last two years, Dynamic Motion Rides has submitted a number of patent filings, and was pleased recently to be awarded the patent for its Gravity Plus Tower Ride concept. Combining the latest elevator and motion base technologies, it attracted a great deal of interest from potential clients during IAAPA. The system facilities an affordable multi-media, multi-sensory tower/elevator ride with a downward acceleration greater than 1g.

The company has also been selected as part of a team developing a new attraction concept combining a trackless dark ride with multiple 6-axis driving simulators. Development work is about to begin on two such projects, with a delivery time in the region of 30 months. As with all the projects above, we’ll be happy to bring you more details as they emerge. 26 JANUARY 2015

Dynamic Motion Rides launches next generation Flyboard ”

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