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Park News


The revered rollercoaster designer Bolliger & Mabillard will open five new rides in 2015. In addition to the hotly anticipated Thunderbolt launched Wing Coaster at Holiday World in Indiana and 325ft-tall Fury 325 at Carowinds, North Carolina, B&M will supply the Oblivion/Point of No Return Dive Coaster to Gardaland, Italy, Baron 1898 Dive Coaster to Efteling, Nethertlands, and a Flying Coaster called Acrobat to Nagashima Spaland, Japan. Let's not forget too the transformation of


Want a new ride from the Dutch coaster company? You'll have to wait! Vekoma is fully booked for 2015 and most of 2016, according to the firm's Peter van Bilsen. A Family Boomerang is destined for an unnamed park in Vietnam in 2015, and a 207m (679ft) long Family Junior Coaster and a Mine Train to a second Vietnamese park the following year. Both a Suspended Looping Coaster and a Junior Coaster are headed this season to Poland's new Energylandia park, which opened last year in Zator Woj


In a new development of the Turkish manufacturer’s Natural Light Effects (NLE), Polin Waterparks & Pool Systems is now offering custom natural designs inside its tube slides that glow as riders pass through. Previously the NLE effects were restricted to stripes and other eye- catching patterns, but now customers can have virtually any image or logo of their choice included, such as those you see below. The simple but effective “lighting” – which requires no LED lights, electricity or maintenance – occurs from sun's rays or lights inside a building shining through the slide's fibreglass and interacting with the flow of water. And now Polin has added a new sound technology to complement NLE – natural sound effects, achieved using the waterslide components to serve as passive speakers that amplify sound throughout the tube.

So, what about upcoming installations from Polin? Here’s a quick round-up, covering just a fraction of new projects. Amongst several upcoming in China

Fury 325 is topped out at Carowinds, North Carolina

Matopolske. The British family park Paulton's has ordered a custom designed Family Boomerang for 2015.

Also opening this year, at last, will be a custom designed Motorbike Launch Coaster at the Berjaya mall near Beijing. Two coasters are heading to different projects in Kiev, Ukraine. Also delayed, a 395m-kong (1,295ft) Suspended Family Coaster is set for Lavina Mall, while a custom designed Junior Coaster has been ordered by Respublica Mall, both for opening in 2015.

and Taiwan, we are told the Great Mall of China project near Beijing (which will also feature a dry park) is back on track following the untimely death of its owner last year. Following its first ever Indian contract at Adlabs Aqua Magica (see page 53), the company has secured an order to fit out an entire waterpark in the country. Amaazia in Surat, Gujarat, is a Bollywood-themed park featuring such Polin products as a King Cobra, looping rocket, tunnel rafting and many more, including a large play structure. As well as the waterpark, it will also feature an amusement park, bird park, snow park, shopping mall, hotel, 3-screen cinema and “7D” theatre. Opening is scheduled for this coming May. In Pakistan, Polin will supply a large play structure, opening in June/July, as a precursor to a full waterpark set to debut in Karachi in 2016. In Spain, Hotel Globales Playa Estepona in Marbella is adding a new waterpark, while Portugal’s Aquashow marine park is upgrading its waterpark facilities with the addition of 10 new slides. As part of the new Aqua Colours park in

Pore on Croatia’s Istria peninsula, the company will supply a package of slides including a Magic Cone and Surf Safari. Russia’s getting a new indoor waterpark in the

Polin’s new natural light effect designs

city of Ulyanovsk. And in the Ukrainian city of Odessa, not one but two waterparks are coming – and Polin is on board at both. The Nemo park will be a new aquatic addition to an existing hotel and aquarium development, while Arcadia represents a new addition for the large hotel/nightclub/beach resort of the same name.


a stand-up coaster into a floorless coaster – Rougarou – at Cedar Point, Ohio. Known for the high thrills and precision engineering of its large, high-capacity coasters, B&M went in a somewhat different direction last summer when it introduced its first two-abreast family coaster. The first unit opened in July 2014 at Happy Valley Shanghai. The coaster is 20m (65ft) tall and 400m (1,312ft) long. "We like the concept for families with children," offers Walter Bolliger. "It's fun for the entire family." And that's probably about the longest quote you'll get

BELOW: A renedering of the Junior Boomerang destined for Paulton’s, UK

Other than rollercoasters, a V-Ride adventure theatre simulator and a D-Ride Ranger


Eight Intamin coasters are currently taking shape around the world for opening in 2015. A Looping Coaster goes to Romon World in China, and a Mega Coaster to a second Chinese park. 10-Inversion Coasters are set for Hopi Hari in Brazil and the upcoming Ankapark in Turkey. Turkey also gets a Jet- Ski Coaster, an LSM Launch Coaster and a Family Coaster. Another LSM Launch Coaster goes to an unnamed location. A Water Coaster is destined for China, a Rapids Ride and Hyper Splash to Turkey, and a Water Ride to the UK. A 120m (400ft) giant wheel – the Orlando Eye – has risen in Florida, and a 35m Coaster Wheel with eight fixed cabins and eight mobile cabins has gone to Hello Kitty Park in Anji, China, already open. Flying Island observation rides, each 45m, are set for parks in Turkey and China. Finally, an 80m Gyro Drop freefall tower is being erected in China. Several other projects are being readied delivery later in the year.

According to Intamin's Sascha Czibulka, the Swiss company is set to deliver its first 80-seat Dome Ride Theatre in partnership with Attraktion from Austria in 2016. The multimedia ring ride is destined for Shaanxi Lewa City, Xian, China. Offering both a rotating and tilting motion, it can be equipped with additional special effects such as wind, vibration, water spray, neck blasts and 3D.


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